Wednesday, September 01, 2004

Happy Teacher's Day!

Yeah I totally forgot that today is happy teacher's day. I still remember my teachers, well especially that really hot physics teacher in Junior College with the really nice rack. And I didn't even take Physics.

But I do admire them. The way they patiently educate the spoilt brats that we have nowadays. Seriously if I was a teacher I would have probably strangled the life out of one of them by now. It's just unbelievable how snobbish and full of themselves they are, they don't even give an ounce of respect to their teachers sometimes. And all thanks to the overpampering parents who give them everything they want. I mean for god's sake I have seen primary school kids having better handphones than me. The world has gone crazy I tell ya.

Sigh I miss the days when teachers disciplined their students through physical means. Those were the good old days. If you went out of line they would humiliate you in front of the others and chances are you will not do it again out of sheer embarrassment.

And finally teachers are just hot. The whole disciplining and authoritative thing is more than a tad sexy. Lost count of the number of times I dreamt in college that I told the hot Physics teacher that I been a bad bad boy and that I should be punished. With a whip. Hmm maybe I should pay her a visit sometimes soon.

So once again happy teacher's day to all you teachers out there!

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