Wednesday, September 15, 2004

Blogger Block

Yes having a bad case of it again. So I am going to bitch. About this little thing called Short Messaging Service or SMS. I find it so annoying at times. It's definitely useful, but it has come to a point where SMS has been so widely used that it is also being used for situations where it isn't appropriate. I am talking about situations that require a more personal touch, where maybe the person should pick up the damm phone and call the other party rather than just sending an SMS. There have been cases of bosses firing their staff or husbands divorcing their wives using SMS. Probably because the parties in question had no balls to do it in person or over the phone. But of course there are also less extreme examples. Such situations include informing the other party that you would not be able to make it for a meeting. Or wishing the other person on their birthday.I can't help but get irritated when it happens to me. Or am I just being petty?

Speaking of birthdays I had mine couple days ago. Like every year I spent it at home with my 2 dogs. I swear they knew (don't ask me how) that it was my birthday, they gave me this look that's just a little different from the usual look of awe they give me. I can't really describe it but if I really had to, it would be a "Why are you at home with us on your birthday you poor loser" kind of look. Of course like every year I would buy gifts for them that I think they would give to me if they had opposable thumbs. Thanks for the flea collar and shampoo you guys, I love ya to death!

Ok I was gonna stop here but I know some people who read this will really think I did the above. Yes you will be surprised. I actually had a really great birthday, had dinner with a really close friend who got me the most amazing present, probably the best one I ever had. I'm already starting to rack my brains on how I am gonna match this for her birthday. Maybe I can do a striptease or something think she might like that. Oh and thanks to those who called me to wish me as well. You guys are the best. To the rest I shall not friend you for one month starting today.

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