Wednesday, September 01, 2004

And it goes on and on...

Yes the most popular and infamous blog in Singapore continues to be discussed and criticised incessantly by other local bloggers. Most of whom just can't stand the fact that her blog is getting more hits a day than they get in a month. No, I am not one of them how dare you imply that!

Anyway latest post is courtesy of Mr. Brown. Man bloggers are a creative bunch I tell ya, "William Hung of blogging" is one hell of an insult. But I do feel for her sometimes, it cannot be easy getting put down and criticised as often as she does, just for voicing her opinion. But then again her blogging style is sometimes really confrontational and provoking. Hell even I have poked fun of the blog in the past I have to admit, albeit in a pretty subtle way. Hmm it was subtle right?

Speaking of blogging, a friend I had dinner with yesterday was telling me I shouldn't blog about some of the stuff that I do as it puts me in a bad light. His reasoning was that he knows me so he knows that some of the stuff ain't true, but others who don't know me that well might think otherwise. And he's not the first friend to say that. I understand his concerns, and yes people have in the past have made assumptions about me based on the stuff I blog about as well. Like chicks think I'm like this big pervert and desperado. Hello I am not THAT desperate alright. But yeah if I start censoring my writings to make sure it doesn't happen then it would be pointless to go on. But yeah remember kids, don't assume you know what a person is like just by reading his/her blog. For all you know I could be a 70 year old horny granpa with multiple personalities.

Oh and for someone who works in IT I should have been more careful. Damm that Autocomplete feature!!!

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