Monday, August 30, 2004


Yeah yeah how's everybody in the house!! Yeah. Yeah. Yeah had a pretty good time at WOMAD. Shaked my little booty to the hip hop sounds of this Senegal group called Daara J. This was probably my first live hip hop experience and it was fun as hell. And according to S my patented "robot learning hip-hop" dancing was pretty ok as well so it 's all good. Yeah!

The other performance that I liked was Coco MBassi, not sure what language she sang in but her voice was pretty amazing and she took the time to explain what each song was about before she sang it, just so that the audience can relate to it better.

The same cannot be said for another singer who seemed to from one of the middle eastern countries. Her songs on the whole sounded really sad but we didn't know what they were about. So I decided that she was probably singing about her cat which just died, you know how those Egyptians are about their cats right. Then when she started singing a upbeat happy song I reasoned that the cat had somehow been revived.

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