Friday, August 20, 2004

Which is Worse?

Went to meet 2 gal friends for dinner earlier. One of them wasn't feeling well and so she gave it a miss. Well so it was just me and this other gal, whom I didn't really know that well, we met just a couple of times before. We agreed earlier this week to meet at 7:30 at HMV. So I came early at around 7 pm and hanged around listening to a couple of metal CDs. There was this band called Unearth was pretty awesome sounding, reminded me of Killswitch Engage. Then I saw her.

Her : Hi! Whatcha doing here!?
Heh ya she's a funny one.
Me : Waiting for you lor!
Her : Eh? .....Oh.....Oh my god ....

Ok I started thinking that she might be stretching the joke a little longer than she should. But then I saw the look on her face.
You know the look. The look someone gives when they see a kitten getting run over by a steamroller. The look of complete horror and pity.

Her : I'm really sorry I completely forgot. But I will make it up to you on Sunday?

Well I didn't know how to react. I just gave her a silly and bemused smile. I was thinking maybe I was having a nightmare, that I was actually in bed at home dreaming this really horrible dream where a gal was telling me she completely forgot she was meeting me. I blinked really hard. But everything remained where it was. No this was no dream.

Me : So you made plans already ?

Apparently she did. With a friend who was working at HMV, she was waiting for her to get off work. A little ironic if you think about it. Well thank god I saw her at least. Otherwise I would have waited like an hour for her not knowing what happened. Her mobile was kinda screwed for the past couple of days you see.

Wonder which is worse. Getting stood up by a gal or her completely forgetting she was going out with you. Well initially it would seem like it's the first one, because it implies that you made a bad enough impression that she decides not to go out with you. But then if you think again the 2nd one implies that you did not even make the slightest impression on her, otherwise she would have remembered that she was going to meet you.

Oh well just ordered pizza a couple minutes ago, it's another Friday night at home with mommy. Yippee.

Listening to : "Mama, I'm coming home" by Ozzy Osbourne

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