Wednesday, August 18, 2004

Singapore Idol and Pervs

So I finally caught the repeat episode of Singapore Idol. The "Careless Whisper" guy was hilarious. And he kept singing despite the judges laughing their asses off. Gotta give him props for that. And for continuing to sing even when the judges begged him to stop. And for asking them for comments repeatedly even when they told him they couldn't hear him at all. Heh the funniest part was when Dick Lee told him he sounded like a toy whose batteries were running low. Man that guy is so mean, he really lives up to his name.

Went shopping with A at Far East Plaza last night, she was trying to get retro looking clothes for a musical she's doing at Esplanade in a month's time. So we went around to all the shops while she tried on those flare skirts and retro looking heels. And then started dancing. I had no problem with it, in fact I was enjoying the sight to be honest. But the thing is A is like 1.5 meters tall and looks way younger than she is. And I'm like 1.83. So people tend to get a little suspicious/nervous when they see a huge indian man with what seemed to be a 14-15 year old gal dancing around in a clothing store. I got quite a few weird (dirty?) looks at my direction. Except for one apek (old chinese dude) who seemed to be looking at me with envy. That perv.

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