Friday, August 27, 2004

Singapore Faces disappoint.

I just saw the 30 female finalists of the Singapore Face contest. And I seriously have no idea how the judges chose the finalists, Audrey didn't make it to the next round but I swear she looks way better than any of the 30 there. Go check out her blog and you tell me it ain't true.

I was also checking out the profiles of some of the contestants and there's some pretty funny stuff there. One person named the Bible as her favourite book. Another 2 gals (here and here)have identical tastes in movies - Save The Last Dance, Dirty Dancing and Honey are their favourites. Another gal listed 17 as her favourite magazine, but she's 24. The only interesting profile I read so far was of Geraldine, she's obviously very passionate about her music (she's a drummer). Rock chicks are just so hot. She got my vote.

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