Wednesday, August 25, 2004

Showing off

I was at temasek polytechnic (a local tertiary institution) trying to help a couple of interns to solve their problem with our software this morning. Their problems were mainly because they were unfamiliar with the Linux platform and the command line interface (CLI), it's like MS-DOS for those non-techie readers. So there I was trying to troubleshoot the problems, and then I noticed that they were really impressed by the speed at which I was typing and navigating the files and directories using the CLI. Ok it's really dumb but it felt pretty good that they were impressed so I typed even faster. Yup you know you made it when impressing 18 year old teenage boys gives you a sense of achievement. Sigh I need to get out more.

Anyway after I finished my showboating I met S for lunch at Swensens where we decided to make take full advantage of the Swensen's ice cream offer (it's 1.39 for 5 scoops). We got 15 scoops plus 2 more free because of this lunch promotion thing. I have never had so much ice cream in my life, I seriously feel like puking right now. Don't think I am gonna have ice cream for a while after that experience, not for at least a week. Ok maybe 1/2 a week.

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