Thursday, August 19, 2004

RANT: I don't understand women (Part XXXXXXIII )

Yup me no like them sometimes. Especially when they go all cold and distant towards me for no apparent reason whatsoever. For god's sake, if you are having a bad day and you wanna be left alone just say something like "Sorry I am having a bad day, will talk to you later." or something to that effect and most guys will take the hint and leave ya alone. If you are pissed with me then tell me you are pissed off with me and why. Instead they choose to ignore or even respond in a tone so cold and emotionless that it feels like I am talking to a Vulcan. Then I start to wonder if I did something wrong to piss them off. Cos I say a lot of dumb things to piss women off, as many women would testify.

Oh another thing I can't stand is how they can arrive an hour late and yet don't even call or sms to tell you they are going to be late. I mean if you are meeting a friend at Pasir Ris at 7:30 and you are still at Boon Lay at 7:00, you should probably know that you ain't gonna make it in time. So the polite thing to do is to call me and postpone the meeting time. So at least I don't wait like a super big dick for an hour just because I made the unwise decision to actually come on TIME. Hey I am late often as well I have to admit. But I at least sms the person way earlier so that they can take their time and leave the house later. See I am so nice. There have been times where I take a cab down and reach a destination on time and sms the person to tell them I am here. Only for the person to reply and me they will be 1/2 hour late.

Ok before you accuse me of being a MCP (which some will still do anyway) I would like to state that not all women do the above. But most of whom I know do.

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