Thursday, August 19, 2004


I hate the olympics. Mainly cos I hate sports. And cos I hate seeing the bodies of those damm swimmers, they always make me feel inferior. And cos I hate seeing our Singaporean athletes in action. And I use the term Singaporean very loosely. Well as most Singaporeans know our best athletes are all foreign talent. Yep Singapore is so desperate for sporting recognition that they get athletes from other countries (usually those who find it difficult to make the grade in their native countries) and give them Singaporean citizenship so that they can represent our country. Hey so what if most of them probably can't even sing the national anthem, that don't matter! They can just move their lips and pretend to sing along to the anthem if/when they win medals in international events, no one will be the wiser.

But the womens' beach volleyball tournament is pretty cool though. I can't help but marvel at the display of power, agility and skill by those women. This is what the Olympics should be about. More power to women in skimpy beach attire!

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