Wednesday, August 11, 2004

Music and Comedy

Elliot Smith is slowly growing on me, thanks to the Good Will Hunting soundtrack that a colleague borrowed me. He's very mellow, very unlike most of the stuff I listen to usually, but his voice has this really dreamy quality to it that's just so cool.

Speaking of music, Hoobastank is in town and they will be performing on Saturday at Sentosa. Another generic boring nu metal band hits our friendly shores. Who's next? Limp Biskit? Sigh is it too much to ask for a half decent band to come to Singapore? Or at least give me Korn, the only half decent nu metal band in the scene right now (despite their really sucky last album).

Went to Hard Rock Cafe on Monday to see Kumar perform, or as he calls it, "Mat Rock Cafe". Heh that guy is damm funny, I was laughing till tears rolled down my face. But he can be pretty mean too. He got one of the dancers to perform for him , and asked her to remove her top before she danced, (she was wearing some sports bra kinda top underneath). But as soon as she took it off, he went "Alamak no tek tek (boobs), put the top back, put it back!". Sigh the poor gal, I so wanted to comfort her at that moment. While her top was still off.

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