Sunday, August 29, 2004

Ironing Sucks

There are some things that should have never been invented; it probably seemed like a good idea when someone thought of the idea and it even seems useful but in fact it's actually serves no purpose. Yes I am talking about irons.

I hate ironing. Mainly cos I suck at it. Every crease I iron only results in another one popping up somewhere else on my shirt. And while I was ironing away just now I was imagining how it would be to ive in a world without irons. People will no longer have to worry about being viewed as sloppy just because their clothes are crumpled for the simple fact that everyone else's will be too. The time saved from not ironing could be better utilised as well, for example to find a cure from cancer or AIDS.

I tell ya those scientists doing research in such diseases would have probably made far greater progress by now if they didn't have to spend 15 minutes every morning ironing those lab coats of theirs.

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