Thursday, August 19, 2004

I am hip (hop) damm it!

Yep I am. Went with a friend to Bugis yesterday to get some clothes because for some reason my clothes seem to be shrinking. It was a rather frustrating evening to be honest. As usual had difficulty finding clothes and shoes to fit me. Found a few that were nice but just couldn't get my big boned body and feet into them. And the friend refused to try on a bikini even when I begged her to and told her it would make me feel better. ROAR. Ended up with 2 shirts and a pants from Bugis market.And a beady yet totally macho necklace thingy. Might put up a pic later.

Listening to The Roots's Things Fall Apart now to try and get some of my groove back. Oh alright it was never there. But dammit it ain't my fault, I blame my 1/4 Chinese blood for my lack of ability to groove to the silky beats of hip hop. Yes I was known (rather cruelly) as "The only Indian who couldn't groove" for the longest time, that's what made me quit clubbing altogether, to the cheers of many. I blame my 1/4 Chinese blood for my other SHORTcoming as well but that's another story for another day. Word and peace out ya all !

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