Thursday, August 26, 2004

I am getting more hits!!

Woohoo my hits have gone up to 70 the last 2 days! Yes all my blog whoring (I been leaving frivolous comments on every blog I have visited lately as well as linking them) has finally paid off. Xiaxue, watch out because you just found yourself a new rival. Very soon the two of us will be competing to be interviewed by the Strait Times. I better start working out right now, never hurts to be prepared. Oh that reminds me, will also need to prepare witty answers for the impending interview.

Ok ok I know I said I am happy with 50, but it just felt so good when I saw my counter move up 20 places. Hell I don't even have 70 people on my friendster list so you can understand my joy. I bet the gal who stood me up last Friday is probably regretting it right now! Yes you know you do. Well that's what you get for making the stallion cry that day...Oops I mean for making me furious. I don't cry alright. Never did and never will.Ask my mommy if you don't believe me.

Yes I am feeling a little bimbo-ish today. We all have those days don't we. Resisting the urge to post a picture of my new 1/2 GI haircut right now.

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