Saturday, August 21, 2004

Gal refused first communion

Ok got this off Diana's blog (one of my favourite blogs by the way), a kid with an aversion to wheat had her first holy communion revoked by the Catholic church because the 'body of Christ' that she ingested didn't have wheat on it. Church doctrine apparently states that the wafers must have wheat. The Bishop in charge of the church has released a statement that this was decided by the Vatican authority for all Catholic churches throughout the world.

So well the message is clear ain't it. If you are allergic to wheat then you are unworthy to receive holy communion. Because without wheat you will not be able to appreciate the full meaning of Holy Communion.

Ok I usually stay away from religious topics cos they are really sensitive. But sometimes it's amazing how close-minded some people are, so much so that they are willing to forego rationale and common sense just to cling on to their beliefs.

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