Tuesday, August 17, 2004

The book of answers

Had dinner at Pastamania at Cineleisure with a friend earlier this evening. It's fast becoming one of my fav places to eat, the pizza there is like a million times better than the crap that Pizza Hut and Canadian Pizza churn out. And the country baked pasta dish is heavenly as well.

After that we went to kinokuniya bookstore where I got a book for my sis and Spin's latest issue. And we had a hell of a time playing around with the book of answers. The book of answers is basically a book with various replies to a question that you might ask. You think of the question and then flip to a random page and there you will find your answer.

My question was "Will I get laid anytime soon?"
Answer I got was "Wait".

Friend couldn't stop laughing after she saw that. Grrrr.

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