Wednesday, August 25, 2004

Blog Rules

Man thanks to the new google searchbar I have been exposed to some pretty horrid blogs. I am not talking about content, because firstly that's subjective and secondly people have the right to blog about what they want after all, whether they choose to abuse it is their perogative. But seriously people there are some universal blogging rules that should never ever be broken. And these rules are as follows.

1. NO Music

For god's sake stop trying to force your readers to listen to your favorite songs, it's really annoying. Especially when I am listening to my own mp3s or when I am at work and the music just starts blaring over the speakers. If you really must have a player, make it turned off by default - let readers choose to hear your crap music rather than have it forced down their throats.

2. NO SMS speak

Oh god I ran into one blog where it was ALL SMS speak, I had to really think long and hard to understand what all those foreign words meant. You know a lot of kids nowadays have resorted to using shortcuts like gr8. It's fine for SMS because SMSes have a limit. However please do not use those words in your blog too often unless you wanna irritate older readers who aren't down with the lingo. Slang is ok but use in moderation.

3. NO overusing of "..."

Fine I was guilty of it myself (See my first few posts 2 years ago) but that was a long time ago. An example I seen - "Today was a great day.....I had exams in the morning....Met J for lunch after that...his haircut was so's so fun typing like this ...I am going to type this way all the time ...

4. NO psychedelic background for your blog entries.

One uniform color is enough. Please do not try and emulate a rainbow for your blog background just because you think it matches your personality. It might but it still sucks because it makes your words really difficult to read. Get someone to write words on a rainbow coloured paper (You can find them in any hippie store) and then you try reading it and see how fun it is. On a related note make sure your words contrast with your background.

Any more that you would like to add ?

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