Sunday, August 22, 2004

Bad Bad Weekend

It's been a bad weekend. Friday evening was a complete disaster. And as I half-expected her promise to make it up to me on Sunday failed to materialise, she probably forgot about that as well.

Saturday was a mass Indian orgy at my sister's place, it was her kid's naming ceremony and I was the designated photographer. I just hate this kinda big events to be honest, the house is full of strangers whom I don't know yet I am expected to go and make small talk with them. Pfftt. I spent the whole day taking pictures and little else, wanted to escape the chaos for a bit and hang out with my cousin but didn't even have time for that. I put up the pictures on shutterfly, if you wanna check them out message or email me and I will give ya the link. For a preview you can check out Audrey's blog, I posted the pictures she took at the function for her.

And today I read something in the local papers that just got me a little down.

Oh well it's a brand new week tommorow.

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