Monday, August 30, 2004


Yeah yeah how's everybody in the house!! Yeah. Yeah. Yeah had a pretty good time at WOMAD. Shaked my little booty to the hip hop sounds of this Senegal group called Daara J. This was probably my first live hip hop experience and it was fun as hell. And according to S my patented "robot learning hip-hop" dancing was pretty ok as well so it 's all good. Yeah!

The other performance that I liked was Coco MBassi, not sure what language she sang in but her voice was pretty amazing and she took the time to explain what each song was about before she sang it, just so that the audience can relate to it better.

The same cannot be said for another singer who seemed to from one of the middle eastern countries. Her songs on the whole sounded really sad but we didn't know what they were about. So I decided that she was probably singing about her cat which just died, you know how those Egyptians are about their cats right. Then when she started singing a upbeat happy song I reasoned that the cat had somehow been revived.

Sunday, August 29, 2004

Ironing Sucks

There are some things that should have never been invented; it probably seemed like a good idea when someone thought of the idea and it even seems useful but in fact it's actually serves no purpose. Yes I am talking about irons.

I hate ironing. Mainly cos I suck at it. Every crease I iron only results in another one popping up somewhere else on my shirt. And while I was ironing away just now I was imagining how it would be to ive in a world without irons. People will no longer have to worry about being viewed as sloppy just because their clothes are crumpled for the simple fact that everyone else's will be too. The time saved from not ironing could be better utilised as well, for example to find a cure from cancer or AIDS.

I tell ya those scientists doing research in such diseases would have probably made far greater progress by now if they didn't have to spend 15 minutes every morning ironing those lab coats of theirs.

Friday, August 27, 2004

I took the Blogging Personality Quiz at About Web logs and I am...

The Writer
Words captivate me. And, I like to capture words. Blogging enables me to write often. It also provides a place for me to share what I write with a reading public. I can be funny, inspiring, intelligent, cynical, or morbid. It doesn't matter what I write about in my blog. It only matters that I write.

Yup I am taking lameass online quizzes on a Friday night.

Singapore Faces disappoint.

I just saw the 30 female finalists of the Singapore Face contest. And I seriously have no idea how the judges chose the finalists, Audrey didn't make it to the next round but I swear she looks way better than any of the 30 there. Go check out her blog and you tell me it ain't true.

I was also checking out the profiles of some of the contestants and there's some pretty funny stuff there. One person named the Bible as her favourite book. Another 2 gals (here and here)have identical tastes in movies - Save The Last Dance, Dirty Dancing and Honey are their favourites. Another gal listed 17 as her favourite magazine, but she's 24. The only interesting profile I read so far was of Geraldine, she's obviously very passionate about her music (she's a drummer). Rock chicks are just so hot. She got my vote.

Thursday, August 26, 2004

I am getting more hits!!

Woohoo my hits have gone up to 70 the last 2 days! Yes all my blog whoring (I been leaving frivolous comments on every blog I have visited lately as well as linking them) has finally paid off. Xiaxue, watch out because you just found yourself a new rival. Very soon the two of us will be competing to be interviewed by the Strait Times. I better start working out right now, never hurts to be prepared. Oh that reminds me, will also need to prepare witty answers for the impending interview.

Ok ok I know I said I am happy with 50, but it just felt so good when I saw my counter move up 20 places. Hell I don't even have 70 people on my friendster list so you can understand my joy. I bet the gal who stood me up last Friday is probably regretting it right now! Yes you know you do. Well that's what you get for making the stallion cry that day...Oops I mean for making me furious. I don't cry alright. Never did and never will.Ask my mommy if you don't believe me.

Yes I am feeling a little bimbo-ish today. We all have those days don't we. Resisting the urge to post a picture of my new 1/2 GI haircut right now.

Wednesday, August 25, 2004

Freaky Pictures

Saw this on someone's blog. Apparently someone found a camera in the woods and posted the pictures from it on a forum here. The pictures are pretty creepy, go check it out by clicking the title above. There are a lot of strange awful things in the woods I tell ya, there always something lurking out there.

Note: The discussion thread is around 28 pages long. Just click next at the bottom of each page. Really interesting stuff.

Blog Rules

Man thanks to the new google searchbar I have been exposed to some pretty horrid blogs. I am not talking about content, because firstly that's subjective and secondly people have the right to blog about what they want after all, whether they choose to abuse it is their perogative. But seriously people there are some universal blogging rules that should never ever be broken. And these rules are as follows.

1. NO Music

For god's sake stop trying to force your readers to listen to your favorite songs, it's really annoying. Especially when I am listening to my own mp3s or when I am at work and the music just starts blaring over the speakers. If you really must have a player, make it turned off by default - let readers choose to hear your crap music rather than have it forced down their throats.

2. NO SMS speak

Oh god I ran into one blog where it was ALL SMS speak, I had to really think long and hard to understand what all those foreign words meant. You know a lot of kids nowadays have resorted to using shortcuts like gr8. It's fine for SMS because SMSes have a limit. However please do not use those words in your blog too often unless you wanna irritate older readers who aren't down with the lingo. Slang is ok but use in moderation.

3. NO overusing of "..."

Fine I was guilty of it myself (See my first few posts 2 years ago) but that was a long time ago. An example I seen - "Today was a great day.....I had exams in the morning....Met J for lunch after that...his haircut was so's so fun typing like this ...I am going to type this way all the time ...

4. NO psychedelic background for your blog entries.

One uniform color is enough. Please do not try and emulate a rainbow for your blog background just because you think it matches your personality. It might but it still sucks because it makes your words really difficult to read. Get someone to write words on a rainbow coloured paper (You can find them in any hippie store) and then you try reading it and see how fun it is. On a related note make sure your words contrast with your background.

Any more that you would like to add ?

Showing off

I was at temasek polytechnic (a local tertiary institution) trying to help a couple of interns to solve their problem with our software this morning. Their problems were mainly because they were unfamiliar with the Linux platform and the command line interface (CLI), it's like MS-DOS for those non-techie readers. So there I was trying to troubleshoot the problems, and then I noticed that they were really impressed by the speed at which I was typing and navigating the files and directories using the CLI. Ok it's really dumb but it felt pretty good that they were impressed so I typed even faster. Yup you know you made it when impressing 18 year old teenage boys gives you a sense of achievement. Sigh I need to get out more.

Anyway after I finished my showboating I met S for lunch at Swensens where we decided to make take full advantage of the Swensen's ice cream offer (it's 1.39 for 5 scoops). We got 15 scoops plus 2 more free because of this lunch promotion thing. I have never had so much ice cream in my life, I seriously feel like puking right now. Don't think I am gonna have ice cream for a while after that experience, not for at least a week. Ok maybe 1/2 a week.

Michael Phelps can kiss my ass

Pfft what's so damm great about that Michael Phelps, the reason why so many women are going all gaga over him completely eludes me. So he gave up his spot to his teammate so that he could get a medal as well, big freaking deal !! I gave up my seat on the train to a pregnant woman once but you don't see me bragging about it do you. Ok fine she caught me pretending to sleep but once I was exposed I DID give my seat up. I could have just ignored her plea that she was feeling dizzy and nauseous if I really wanted to but yeah I have a soft spot when it comes to women.

Tuesday, August 24, 2004

Dump IE, say geeks

Gotta know about this site from mrbrown. Clicking the title above will bring you to a website that gives you numerous reasons to switch to an alternative browser if you are using Internet Explorer. Only problem I see with it is the front page. If you are going to try and persuade people to try out a new product, using pictures of guys who look like complete geeks isn't the way to go, well that's just my opinion. Couldn't they get hotter looking people, or at least people who don't look like they spend every weekend of their life in front of the pc to endorse the products?

Overrated Blog

I did a presentation for one of the faculties in a local university yesterday. It's pretty amazing how comfortable I was, I didn't even feel nervous. Ok so it was like only 10 people but you are talking about someone who was so nervous about giving presentations back in university that he once dropped his cards during one.

Read a really interesting blog entry from this american blogger yesterday about overrated and underrated blogs. This guy was asking his readers about which blogs they thought were overrated and which ones that should have more readers that they currently do. And that got me thinking about this one local blog that is really popular and has been getting a lot of attention. For some reason I don't get the hype, I visited it quite a few times and I still don't get it. It's decent but I can't understand why it gets as many hits as it does.

No it is NOT sour grapes I assure you, I am more than happy with my small but loyal band of 50 unique visitors daily. I guess it's just a matter of taste, maybe some people just prefer to read crap!! I like to think of my blog as an indie blog whose complex theories about life, reproduction and social interaction with chicks can only be appreciated by a select few. Hell I will probably be so disgusted if I had 2000 readers a day that I would just stop blogging. So thank god its only 50. And coincidentally 50 is my favourite number as well so it's all good.

Sunday, August 22, 2004

Bad Bad Weekend

It's been a bad weekend. Friday evening was a complete disaster. And as I half-expected her promise to make it up to me on Sunday failed to materialise, she probably forgot about that as well.

Saturday was a mass Indian orgy at my sister's place, it was her kid's naming ceremony and I was the designated photographer. I just hate this kinda big events to be honest, the house is full of strangers whom I don't know yet I am expected to go and make small talk with them. Pfftt. I spent the whole day taking pictures and little else, wanted to escape the chaos for a bit and hang out with my cousin but didn't even have time for that. I put up the pictures on shutterfly, if you wanna check them out message or email me and I will give ya the link. For a preview you can check out Audrey's blog, I posted the pictures she took at the function for her.

And today I read something in the local papers that just got me a little down.

Oh well it's a brand new week tommorow.

Saturday, August 21, 2004

Gal refused first communion

Ok got this off Diana's blog (one of my favourite blogs by the way), a kid with an aversion to wheat had her first holy communion revoked by the Catholic church because the 'body of Christ' that she ingested didn't have wheat on it. Church doctrine apparently states that the wafers must have wheat. The Bishop in charge of the church has released a statement that this was decided by the Vatican authority for all Catholic churches throughout the world.

So well the message is clear ain't it. If you are allergic to wheat then you are unworthy to receive holy communion. Because without wheat you will not be able to appreciate the full meaning of Holy Communion.

Ok I usually stay away from religious topics cos they are really sensitive. But sometimes it's amazing how close-minded some people are, so much so that they are willing to forego rationale and common sense just to cling on to their beliefs.

Friday, August 20, 2004

Which is Worse?

Went to meet 2 gal friends for dinner earlier. One of them wasn't feeling well and so she gave it a miss. Well so it was just me and this other gal, whom I didn't really know that well, we met just a couple of times before. We agreed earlier this week to meet at 7:30 at HMV. So I came early at around 7 pm and hanged around listening to a couple of metal CDs. There was this band called Unearth was pretty awesome sounding, reminded me of Killswitch Engage. Then I saw her.

Her : Hi! Whatcha doing here!?
Heh ya she's a funny one.
Me : Waiting for you lor!
Her : Eh? .....Oh.....Oh my god ....

Ok I started thinking that she might be stretching the joke a little longer than she should. But then I saw the look on her face.
You know the look. The look someone gives when they see a kitten getting run over by a steamroller. The look of complete horror and pity.

Her : I'm really sorry I completely forgot. But I will make it up to you on Sunday?

Well I didn't know how to react. I just gave her a silly and bemused smile. I was thinking maybe I was having a nightmare, that I was actually in bed at home dreaming this really horrible dream where a gal was telling me she completely forgot she was meeting me. I blinked really hard. But everything remained where it was. No this was no dream.

Me : So you made plans already ?

Apparently she did. With a friend who was working at HMV, she was waiting for her to get off work. A little ironic if you think about it. Well thank god I saw her at least. Otherwise I would have waited like an hour for her not knowing what happened. Her mobile was kinda screwed for the past couple of days you see.

Wonder which is worse. Getting stood up by a gal or her completely forgetting she was going out with you. Well initially it would seem like it's the first one, because it implies that you made a bad enough impression that she decides not to go out with you. But then if you think again the 2nd one implies that you did not even make the slightest impression on her, otherwise she would have remembered that she was going to meet you.

Oh well just ordered pizza a couple minutes ago, it's another Friday night at home with mommy. Yippee.

Listening to : "Mama, I'm coming home" by Ozzy Osbourne

Me no smart

Ok made a really stupid mistake yesterday. Turns out that the "cold and distant" tone I got from the friend in the morning was in fact a "I just woke up from sleep" tone. Found that out when I called her at the end of the day and asked her if I had pissed her off or something. Yeah I can be a real paranoid android sometimes.

Oh I didn't manage to wake up in time so had to take a cab down. Grr 8 bucks down the drain.


Just found out that one of the first ever rock CDs I bought way back in 1994 is now apparently going for US$70++ on ebay as it has been out of print for a while now, how cool is that! I am talking about Jawbreaker's major label debut Dear You. I actually bought this album after reading a glowing review in a local magazine who mistakenly labelled it as grunge, and me being the huge grunge nut back then decided to get it. Well it definitely isn't grunge (if I had to define the sound I would call it melancholic pop-punk) but man I am glad I bought it, although it took me several listens to really get into it. The lyrics are really amazing and once it gets a hold of ya you can't help but sing along to it. I can still remember the times back in junior college when me and James used to sing along to "Jet Black".

The album was a flop when it first came out, mainly because it was released at a time when grunge was overwhelming the airwaves. And it sounded too commercial for punk fans at that time. However apparently the album began to gain a cult following many years after it was released which is why the original pressing is now a collector's item. But no way I am selling it. If you are looking for a punk band that can actually play and write good lyrics unlike crap like Blink 182 and Sum 42 then you should really check it out, it has been re-issued as an enhanced CD with bonus tracks and a music video.

Thursday, August 19, 2004


I hate the olympics. Mainly cos I hate sports. And cos I hate seeing the bodies of those damm swimmers, they always make me feel inferior. And cos I hate seeing our Singaporean athletes in action. And I use the term Singaporean very loosely. Well as most Singaporeans know our best athletes are all foreign talent. Yep Singapore is so desperate for sporting recognition that they get athletes from other countries (usually those who find it difficult to make the grade in their native countries) and give them Singaporean citizenship so that they can represent our country. Hey so what if most of them probably can't even sing the national anthem, that don't matter! They can just move their lips and pretend to sing along to the anthem if/when they win medals in international events, no one will be the wiser.

But the womens' beach volleyball tournament is pretty cool though. I can't help but marvel at the display of power, agility and skill by those women. This is what the Olympics should be about. More power to women in skimpy beach attire!

Work it.

I have a company meeting at 8 AM tommorow. Yes 8 AM!! Hell why stop there, why don't they just take a whip and beat me while I am working, those damm slave drivers! Now I have no choice but to somehow find from deep within the willpower and strength to wake up much earlier (probably around 7:30 AM) than my usual rising time of 9 AM. That's 1 1/2 hours worth of sleep lost!! I have no idea how my body is gonna respond to it though, hope I don't get into shock or something. Yes I know, I work in a hellhole but hey it's my cross to bear. Don't feel sorry for me; instead admire the way I put up with such conditions and hopefully you realise that your job isn't as bad in comparison.

I am hip (hop) damm it!

Yep I am. Went with a friend to Bugis yesterday to get some clothes because for some reason my clothes seem to be shrinking. It was a rather frustrating evening to be honest. As usual had difficulty finding clothes and shoes to fit me. Found a few that were nice but just couldn't get my big boned body and feet into them. And the friend refused to try on a bikini even when I begged her to and told her it would make me feel better. ROAR. Ended up with 2 shirts and a pants from Bugis market.And a beady yet totally macho necklace thingy. Might put up a pic later.

Listening to The Roots's Things Fall Apart now to try and get some of my groove back. Oh alright it was never there. But dammit it ain't my fault, I blame my 1/4 Chinese blood for my lack of ability to groove to the silky beats of hip hop. Yes I was known (rather cruelly) as "The only Indian who couldn't groove" for the longest time, that's what made me quit clubbing altogether, to the cheers of many. I blame my 1/4 Chinese blood for my other SHORTcoming as well but that's another story for another day. Word and peace out ya all !

RANT: I don't understand women (Part XXXXXXIII )

Yup me no like them sometimes. Especially when they go all cold and distant towards me for no apparent reason whatsoever. For god's sake, if you are having a bad day and you wanna be left alone just say something like "Sorry I am having a bad day, will talk to you later." or something to that effect and most guys will take the hint and leave ya alone. If you are pissed with me then tell me you are pissed off with me and why. Instead they choose to ignore or even respond in a tone so cold and emotionless that it feels like I am talking to a Vulcan. Then I start to wonder if I did something wrong to piss them off. Cos I say a lot of dumb things to piss women off, as many women would testify.

Oh another thing I can't stand is how they can arrive an hour late and yet don't even call or sms to tell you they are going to be late. I mean if you are meeting a friend at Pasir Ris at 7:30 and you are still at Boon Lay at 7:00, you should probably know that you ain't gonna make it in time. So the polite thing to do is to call me and postpone the meeting time. So at least I don't wait like a super big dick for an hour just because I made the unwise decision to actually come on TIME. Hey I am late often as well I have to admit. But I at least sms the person way earlier so that they can take their time and leave the house later. See I am so nice. There have been times where I take a cab down and reach a destination on time and sms the person to tell them I am here. Only for the person to reply and me they will be 1/2 hour late.

Ok before you accuse me of being a MCP (which some will still do anyway) I would like to state that not all women do the above. But most of whom I know do.

Wednesday, August 18, 2004

Singapore Idol and Pervs

So I finally caught the repeat episode of Singapore Idol. The "Careless Whisper" guy was hilarious. And he kept singing despite the judges laughing their asses off. Gotta give him props for that. And for continuing to sing even when the judges begged him to stop. And for asking them for comments repeatedly even when they told him they couldn't hear him at all. Heh the funniest part was when Dick Lee told him he sounded like a toy whose batteries were running low. Man that guy is so mean, he really lives up to his name.

Went shopping with A at Far East Plaza last night, she was trying to get retro looking clothes for a musical she's doing at Esplanade in a month's time. So we went around to all the shops while she tried on those flare skirts and retro looking heels. And then started dancing. I had no problem with it, in fact I was enjoying the sight to be honest. But the thing is A is like 1.5 meters tall and looks way younger than she is. And I'm like 1.83. So people tend to get a little suspicious/nervous when they see a huge indian man with what seemed to be a 14-15 year old gal dancing around in a clothing store. I got quite a few weird (dirty?) looks at my direction. Except for one apek (old chinese dude) who seemed to be looking at me with envy. That perv.

My PC is my closest friend.

1. Right Click on username.
2. Click Delete.
3. Click Yes to confirmation dialog.
That's it!

Ya was doing this a couple of times yesterday. You gotta love online friendships. So easy to end them once they reach their expiration date. All ya need is 3 clicks. Well in MSN Messenger at least.

Hey I am in IT alright, give me a break. Not so easy to get away from the PC as much as I want to. It has this hold, well more like a death grip on me.

If only it was as simple in real life. But maybe it's a good thing that it isn't?

I know I know. I need to get out more.

Tuesday, August 17, 2004


Change scares me. Because it is often very unpredicatable. I have seen a lot of drastic changes in people over the years. People who were totally in love suddenly end up hating each other. People who used to talk to each other for hours suddenly have nothing to say. Yeah of cos the opposite is also true. But then people usually remember the bad and unpleasant stuff way better than the good stuff.

But I don't think I have changed that much over the years though. Well yeah maybe I'm a bit more cynical and cautious when it comes to people I am not familiar with, mainly because of numerous bad experiences in the last couple of years. But to people who have known me for a long time, I think I am pretty much the same no? But then again I have been told more than once that I should start acting my age, that I am too childish. But really, how is a 26 year old guy supposed to act?

The book of answers

Had dinner at Pastamania at Cineleisure with a friend earlier this evening. It's fast becoming one of my fav places to eat, the pizza there is like a million times better than the crap that Pizza Hut and Canadian Pizza churn out. And the country baked pasta dish is heavenly as well.

After that we went to kinokuniya bookstore where I got a book for my sis and Spin's latest issue. And we had a hell of a time playing around with the book of answers. The book of answers is basically a book with various replies to a question that you might ask. You think of the question and then flip to a random page and there you will find your answer.

My question was "Will I get laid anytime soon?"
Answer I got was "Wait".

Friend couldn't stop laughing after she saw that. Grrrr.

Space Invader

Met an asshole on the bus today who refused to give me space to sit. He clearly taking more space than he is righfully entitled to as can be seen by the vertical line in the centre. I had so little space that half my ass was off the edge of my seat. I tried to force him to move his ass inwards by moving in and rubbing my thighs against his but he didn't even budge.  Posted by Hello

Monday, August 16, 2004

Goth Japanese Fashion

Somethingawful has come up with a funny as hell article on Japanese goth fashion. What they do is comment on the various pictures in the magazine, and man some of the comments are really hilarious. Go check it out! (Click the title of this post)

Yahoo Soccer

Premiership football is here again and so if you are interested go here and sign up to play. It's an online game where you manage a team of 11 players from the premiership and based on how well the players perform weekly they get points. They have added a few enhancements this time to make the game more balanced, it's on the page so I won't go into details. After you sign up, join this league that I am in:
Group ID#: 8966
Password: 1234

Reggae Night

Ok a tad nervous cos I might probably be going to reggae night at Hard Rock Cafe next Sunday with a friend. Contrary to popular belief the stallion does not shake his booty as well as he would like. Sigh I still have nightmares about that day at Zouk where my friends thought I was having an epiletic fit, when I was in fact trying to show off my patented robot dance. Hey it looked pretty cool when the Beastie Boys did it in that Intergalatic video. Well I guess we just have to wait and see what happens next Sunday. Stay tuned folks.

Sunday, August 15, 2004

Enthuasiasic IPPT takers waiting for the test to start.  Posted by Hello


Man I am aching all over. Went for my Individual Physical Proficiency Test (IPPT) yesterday and I failed really really horribly. I have slightly less than a month to pass it (not gonna happen), after which I have to go for Remedial Training which will involve me going through physical training 3 times a week for 4 hours per session for 16 weeks. Have I ever mentioned how much I hate the army? You would think that they would be satisfied with robbing me of 2 1/2 years of my life where the only useful things I learned was that people can be real bastards and to just follow orders regardless of how dumb they are. Because in the army intelligence doesn't matter, only your rank does. Hell I learned that in the first 6 weeks.

Friday, August 13, 2004


For those who hated the Signs (as I did) this will be a treat. For those who found it really good you might feel dumb after checking out the link. But it's funny as hell. Thanks Geeta Kutty!

Wednesday, August 11, 2004

Music and Comedy

Elliot Smith is slowly growing on me, thanks to the Good Will Hunting soundtrack that a colleague borrowed me. He's very mellow, very unlike most of the stuff I listen to usually, but his voice has this really dreamy quality to it that's just so cool.

Speaking of music, Hoobastank is in town and they will be performing on Saturday at Sentosa. Another generic boring nu metal band hits our friendly shores. Who's next? Limp Biskit? Sigh is it too much to ask for a half decent band to come to Singapore? Or at least give me Korn, the only half decent nu metal band in the scene right now (despite their really sucky last album).

Went to Hard Rock Cafe on Monday to see Kumar perform, or as he calls it, "Mat Rock Cafe". Heh that guy is damm funny, I was laughing till tears rolled down my face. But he can be pretty mean too. He got one of the dancers to perform for him , and asked her to remove her top before she danced, (she was wearing some sports bra kinda top underneath). But as soon as she took it off, he went "Alamak no tek tek (boobs), put the top back, put it back!". Sigh the poor gal, I so wanted to comfort her at that moment. While her top was still off.

Monday, August 09, 2004

Singapore Face

In the spirit of National Day we now have an online beauty pageant called Singapore Face. Basically this is how it seems to work; people send in their pictures, and the public gives them a rating from 1 - 10 based on their pictures. Gotta give props to the people who sent in their pictures, especially those that aren't that great looking. I mean you have to feel a bit sucky if you get a rating of less than 5 right. Oh Audrey joined as well, think she has a pretty decent shot of winning it.

Saturday, August 07, 2004

The Village

Went to watch "The Village" with a chick I gotta know recently. I was a little apprehensive cos it was the first time we went out just the two of us. I was afraid that it was gonna end up awkward, so much so that I even asked another mutual friend to join us for the movie but he couldn't make it. Anyway my fears turned out to be unfounded, I ended up having quite a nice time.

The movie? Well it was a tad slow in the beginning but pretty good overall. I got spooked quite a few times and I didn't really guess the surprise twist at the end. That was the main problem with Signs for me, I spent the whole movie trying to figure out what the twist was - and in the end I was left really disappointed cos there really wasn't one. This time I just watched it without trying to figure out the ending and enjoyed the story way better.

Thursday, August 05, 2004

2 year anniversary

Just realised it's been 2 years since I first started blogging.. As you might have noticed my writing has definitely changed since that day. Man everything has changed in my life since then. Well ok maybe not everything, I am still single and still having trouble getting laid. Well on a positive note, my penis seems to have grown 1 cm longer over the past 2 years. Happy 2nd anniversary stallion.

Advice on Dying

A book I found while I was at Borders earlier; it's by the Dalai Lama. If you need advice on dying seems like he's the man to ask. Although I can't really figure out what he would say. Something like "I recommend multiple self-inflicted stabs with a sharp kitchen knife to the gut."?  Posted by Hello

Sunday, August 01, 2004

Stallion does poetry

Yesterday I typed out my first ever poem for a gal. Here is an excerpt.

Roses are red,
Violets are blue,
Your top today looks great,
That's why I wanna sit beside you.

Not a bad effort for a first timer is it? But judging from her response you would think otherwise!