Thursday, July 22, 2004

Work stuff really got to me yesterday and I really needed to hang out with someone. Called a friend and asked her if she wanted to meet, she told me she had some stuff she had to do, but I could go to her place and hang out if I wanted. And so I did. And I felt better. Friends like her are hard to find. There are times when I get really down and just don't wanna be alone, but couldn't find someone who was free to hang out with. It's a pretty sucky feeling.

Finally finished "Rock and Roll: A Social History", a book I borrowed from the library a few days back. A really intriguing read, it describes the beginning of rock music and the early pioneers (Chuck Berry, Fat Joe Domino) right up to the 80s (Iron Maiden, Metallica, Van Halen). It gets a bit technical at times when the author describes the guitar playing of of certain artists; I really should try and pick up the guitar. But there are quite a lot of intriguing facts in the book, like how almost all the musicians took psychoactive drugs like marijuana and LSD to attain a higher state of creative consciousness; this even included clean cut bands like the Beatles. Highly recommended.

p.s. You know that you are in a rut when a chick ditches you to rush back home to tape Johnny Bravo.

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