Wednesday, July 28, 2004


Ok I don't get this. Why are so many people so hadap (desperate) for National Day Parade tickets. Hell they even have contests to give away NDP PREVIEW tickets. That's tickets to the rehearsal it's not the even the real thing.

Yeah I know all the propaganda bullshit about how we should be proud of our country and all that. But seriously any singaporean should realise it's the same crap everyday. The lame ass symbolic attempts at showing how our country is full of culture and how we all live in perfect racial harmony. Then they will get some local Mandarin pop star and/or actress (for whom English isnt even her first language) singing a really horrid english national song that they probably came up with in 5 minutes to commemorate the occasion.

Then you get the four ethnic groups coming out in their traditional costumes, never mind the fact that no one here wears them anymore. First they will sing and dance separately. Then by the end of the performance they will all merge together and dance in one united circle in a show of racial harmony.

Then you get the middle-aged and really old people whom they pull away from their jobs at their factories to take part in some lame ass performance where they spent 4 -5 months to learn how to wave sticks with shiny streamers at one end in perfect synchronization. Hey we gotta make them feel like they are important right.

You know what I wanna see? I wanna see our grossly overpaid ministers (who by the way were the first employees to get their paycuts restored) doing really dangerous stunts for charity like what celebrities do for that NKF show. Heh that will be fun, seeing these pple doing some real work for a change instead of just sleeping during parliment. Or have some free-for-all event like Royal Rumble for the ministers; the winner gets to be the next Prime Minister. Well it does makes more sense than appointing someone just because he's the son of a former Prime Minister. Come on you know as well as I do that's true.

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