Sunday, July 25, 2004

Money doesn't buy taste

My dad turned 55 earlier this month and as a result got his CPF money. For the clueless, CPF is a fund set up by the government where anyone working contributes a certain percentage of his wage to that fund. The money stays in the fund until 55 when he can withdraw everything. It's basically like a savings plan.

Well since he got the money my dad has been on a spending spree. He has bought a new watch for himself, gold chains and bracelets, furniture, beds, installed ceiling fans with lights for every room in the house, fans, phones ( I now have 2 phones in my room). Oh and let's not forget the huge ass statue of a dog, how can I forget that when it sticks out like a sore thumb in the living room.

And yesterday he bought a stereo system for me, eventhough I didn't asked for it. I guess he was trying to make up for giving away my existing Kenwood Hi-FI in my room to someone without asking me. But it's a really crappy stereo system with a unknown brand name (Wearnes). I checked it out on the website and it's apparently some local brand; the few reviews I could find of its products were pretty awful. The sound is really hollow and the LCD display on the amplifier seems like it was made in the 90s. The volume starts from "-80". But that's not the best part, The VCD/CD player (no DVD) comes with 2 game controllers. Yes apparently it's some bizarre hybrid CD player/game console. A CD came with it that supposely contains 300 stellar games. Some of the games including "Mteal Gear" and "Rocd Man". Nope those aren't my spelling mistakes, thats what it says on the CD.

I am giving him 2 months before all the money runs out. Cos that was the amount of time he took to finish his $50,000 pension he got 6 years ago from the army.

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