Saturday, July 31, 2004


Had dinner with a friend yesterday at Brewerkz. Was planning to introduce a gal friend of mine to him at the same time but she had plans. But she did call later and this was how the conversation went.

Me to A: Eh wasted you couldnt come, wanted to intro u to my friend.
A to Me: Is he cute?
I to Me: No tell her I am not cute.
Me to A: He says he's not cute but he has a really big dick.
*I looks at me horrified*
A : I'm not interested in that !
Me : Well I'm just trying to tell you all his good points, starting from the biggest.

OK might need to work on my matchmaking skills a bit more.

But this waitress there started chatting with me for quite a bit. That doesn't happen very often, I should buy 4D.

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