Tuesday, July 20, 2004

I hate sales people

Reasons why I (and most technical people) hate 99% of sales people.

1. They don't know shit about technical issues yet they feel fit to make suggestions, hell even decisions on such issues.
2. They ignore your existence until they need help with a technical issue.
3. No response from you equates to your agreement to be involved in their money making plan.
4. They equate the value of projects by how much revenue it gets them, screw personal development and other factors.
5. You might be roped in to help out in a money making project, but if anything goes wrong you are held accountable.
6. They would rather force the technical people to take a more difficult and tedious alternative if it saves the cost of a flight ticket from Singapore to KL.
7. They are in love with money, it is their main motivator. Money is the root of all evil. Hence they are evil and should be destroyed. Preferably with the use of multiple hatchets.

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