Monday, July 05, 2004


Well Greece, against all odds, have won the Euro Championships. This was a team that have never won a game in any of the previous championships. A lot of football purists have derided the defensive style of football that Greece have played; Greece won their last 2 matches by defending all the way and scoring through set pieces. However, I was wondering why don't the Singapore government just follow Greece's tactics to achieve Goal 2010 (the goal being Singapore winning the Asian Cup by 2010, it used to be the World Cup until they realised 5 years later that there was no way in hell they could achieve it). This is the plan I propose.

1. Forget about strikers and creative midfielders. Concentrate on training defenders and sweepers. If the opposition can't score they can't win.
2. Train a few wingers, mainly people who can run the ball, they don't even need to cross, just as long as they can win a corner.
3. Import the tallest basketball player they can find from USA or China, give him Singapore citizenship, and get him to solely concentrate on learning how to head the ball from corners.
4. In the actual match, the Singapore team will defend all the way till the 60 something minute, when the opposition will start to tire. Then after that, get one of the wingers to run the length of the field with a ball and win a corner.
5. Immediately, substitute in the basketball player, he heads in the goal.
6. Defend till full time.
7. Repeat 4 - 6 every match until you win the cup.

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