Friday, July 16, 2004

Biceps and Mean Girls

I think I over-exerted my left bicep muscle, it's painful as hell and I can't even straighten my arm without whining like a puppy. That's what happens when you try to do something strenerous with your left hand when you normally would use your right. Hey I was bored alright, just thought I would give it a try. That's me, always experimenting.

Yes I am still alive, despite the lack of updates. Still can't find back the motivation to blog. There were a few days in the past few weeks where I logged into blogger and started typing an entry but gave up halfway, it just seems so forced. I haven't been feeling good about a lot of stuff in my life, including myself. I guess I don't take criticism as well as I dish it out.

My contract at work is ending really soon, and I am still not sure if I should leave or stay. Yes the work sucks ass, but the perks are pretty amazing and not easy to find anywhere else. Have to make a decision pretty soon.

Watched The Birds, an Alfred Hitchcock classic a couple days ago. I wasn't too impressed to be honest. It's supposed to be pretty scary but I found the attacks rather tame and the blood looked really fake. But there are some really great scenes here. Like when the birds amass at the playground behind the woman but she doesn't notice them. And the final scene is pretty amazing as well, Wonder how they got all the birds to keep still. Gonna watch Dial M for Murder tommorow, thats the other movie I borrowed.

Went to watch Mean Girls yesterday evening with D and her sis. I msged D before we met telling her she should fake a stomachache if I and her sis hit it off; meant it as a joke of course but she didn't take it too well. Note to myself: no mention of siblings in future jokes. Anyway the movie kinda sucked, I read pretty good reviews about it but it turned out to be pretty standard teenage chick flick stuff.

Baybeats starts this evening but I can't find anyone to go with so gonna give it a miss. Rock is dead it seems.

Yesterday was a sucky day for me at work. The finance department finally moved in to take over my usual work cubicle. I could feel the hate rising inside of me as I saw the lot of them trotting in and happily putting their stuff at the desks that my department used to occupy. Now I know how the Indians felt when the pilgrims took over their land.

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