Saturday, July 31, 2004


Had dinner with a friend yesterday at Brewerkz. Was planning to introduce a gal friend of mine to him at the same time but she had plans. But she did call later and this was how the conversation went.

Me to A: Eh wasted you couldnt come, wanted to intro u to my friend.
A to Me: Is he cute?
I to Me: No tell her I am not cute.
Me to A: He says he's not cute but he has a really big dick.
*I looks at me horrified*
A : I'm not interested in that !
Me : Well I'm just trying to tell you all his good points, starting from the biggest.

OK might need to work on my matchmaking skills a bit more.

But this waitress there started chatting with me for quite a bit. That doesn't happen very often, I should buy 4D.

Wednesday, July 28, 2004


Ok I don't get this. Why are so many people so hadap (desperate) for National Day Parade tickets. Hell they even have contests to give away NDP PREVIEW tickets. That's tickets to the rehearsal it's not the even the real thing.

Yeah I know all the propaganda bullshit about how we should be proud of our country and all that. But seriously any singaporean should realise it's the same crap everyday. The lame ass symbolic attempts at showing how our country is full of culture and how we all live in perfect racial harmony. Then they will get some local Mandarin pop star and/or actress (for whom English isnt even her first language) singing a really horrid english national song that they probably came up with in 5 minutes to commemorate the occasion.

Then you get the four ethnic groups coming out in their traditional costumes, never mind the fact that no one here wears them anymore. First they will sing and dance separately. Then by the end of the performance they will all merge together and dance in one united circle in a show of racial harmony.

Then you get the middle-aged and really old people whom they pull away from their jobs at their factories to take part in some lame ass performance where they spent 4 -5 months to learn how to wave sticks with shiny streamers at one end in perfect synchronization. Hey we gotta make them feel like they are important right.

You know what I wanna see? I wanna see our grossly overpaid ministers (who by the way were the first employees to get their paycuts restored) doing really dangerous stunts for charity like what celebrities do for that NKF show. Heh that will be fun, seeing these pple doing some real work for a change instead of just sleeping during parliment. Or have some free-for-all event like Royal Rumble for the ministers; the winner gets to be the next Prime Minister. Well it does makes more sense than appointing someone just because he's the son of a former Prime Minister. Come on you know as well as I do that's true.

Monday, July 26, 2004

New blog to recommend

Checked out a new blog by Sara.It's a really good read, especially the "For Men Series" which is a rant to guys about how they do not understand women and includes tips on what they should do to/for women; it's pretty funny and sometimes informative stuff so go check it out. But its supposedly part of a National Day Parade (NDP) thingy so not sure if its permanent though. And to comment you have to register which is kinda annoying. Yep thats the government for ya, you can't say or post anything without them knowing who you are. Sigh times like this I feel like screaming FREEDOM like Wallace did in Braveheart as he died. I love that movie by the way.

Sunday, July 25, 2004

Wearnes Hi-Fi system

The retro-styled Wearnes Hi-Fi system. No I have no idea what the number 222 on the display means either. It wasn't in the manual. Posted by Hello

Ceiling Fan

The new ceiling fan in my room. I no longer need to fear the darkness again. Not when I have four lamps!  Posted by Hello

Where's Wally ( the dog)?

See if you can spot the dog statue that I was talking about in my last post. It could be hard cos it really blends into the decor.  Posted by Hello

Money doesn't buy taste

My dad turned 55 earlier this month and as a result got his CPF money. For the clueless, CPF is a fund set up by the government where anyone working contributes a certain percentage of his wage to that fund. The money stays in the fund until 55 when he can withdraw everything. It's basically like a savings plan.

Well since he got the money my dad has been on a spending spree. He has bought a new watch for himself, gold chains and bracelets, furniture, beds, installed ceiling fans with lights for every room in the house, fans, phones ( I now have 2 phones in my room). Oh and let's not forget the huge ass statue of a dog, how can I forget that when it sticks out like a sore thumb in the living room.

And yesterday he bought a stereo system for me, eventhough I didn't asked for it. I guess he was trying to make up for giving away my existing Kenwood Hi-FI in my room to someone without asking me. But it's a really crappy stereo system with a unknown brand name (Wearnes). I checked it out on the website and it's apparently some local brand; the few reviews I could find of its products were pretty awful. The sound is really hollow and the LCD display on the amplifier seems like it was made in the 90s. The volume starts from "-80". But that's not the best part, The VCD/CD player (no DVD) comes with 2 game controllers. Yes apparently it's some bizarre hybrid CD player/game console. A CD came with it that supposely contains 300 stellar games. Some of the games including "Mteal Gear" and "Rocd Man". Nope those aren't my spelling mistakes, thats what it says on the CD.

I am giving him 2 months before all the money runs out. Cos that was the amount of time he took to finish his $50,000 pension he got 6 years ago from the army.

Thursday, July 22, 2004

Work stuff really got to me yesterday and I really needed to hang out with someone. Called a friend and asked her if she wanted to meet, she told me she had some stuff she had to do, but I could go to her place and hang out if I wanted. And so I did. And I felt better. Friends like her are hard to find. There are times when I get really down and just don't wanna be alone, but couldn't find someone who was free to hang out with. It's a pretty sucky feeling.

Finally finished "Rock and Roll: A Social History", a book I borrowed from the library a few days back. A really intriguing read, it describes the beginning of rock music and the early pioneers (Chuck Berry, Fat Joe Domino) right up to the 80s (Iron Maiden, Metallica, Van Halen). It gets a bit technical at times when the author describes the guitar playing of of certain artists; I really should try and pick up the guitar. But there are quite a lot of intriguing facts in the book, like how almost all the musicians took psychoactive drugs like marijuana and LSD to attain a higher state of creative consciousness; this even included clean cut bands like the Beatles. Highly recommended.

p.s. You know that you are in a rut when a chick ditches you to rush back home to tape Johnny Bravo.

Tuesday, July 20, 2004

I hate sales people

Reasons why I (and most technical people) hate 99% of sales people.

1. They don't know shit about technical issues yet they feel fit to make suggestions, hell even decisions on such issues.
2. They ignore your existence until they need help with a technical issue.
3. No response from you equates to your agreement to be involved in their money making plan.
4. They equate the value of projects by how much revenue it gets them, screw personal development and other factors.
5. You might be roped in to help out in a money making project, but if anything goes wrong you are held accountable.
6. They would rather force the technical people to take a more difficult and tedious alternative if it saves the cost of a flight ticket from Singapore to KL.
7. They are in love with money, it is their main motivator. Money is the root of all evil. Hence they are evil and should be destroyed. Preferably with the use of multiple hatchets.

Friday, July 16, 2004

Biceps and Mean Girls

I think I over-exerted my left bicep muscle, it's painful as hell and I can't even straighten my arm without whining like a puppy. That's what happens when you try to do something strenerous with your left hand when you normally would use your right. Hey I was bored alright, just thought I would give it a try. That's me, always experimenting.

Yes I am still alive, despite the lack of updates. Still can't find back the motivation to blog. There were a few days in the past few weeks where I logged into blogger and started typing an entry but gave up halfway, it just seems so forced. I haven't been feeling good about a lot of stuff in my life, including myself. I guess I don't take criticism as well as I dish it out.

My contract at work is ending really soon, and I am still not sure if I should leave or stay. Yes the work sucks ass, but the perks are pretty amazing and not easy to find anywhere else. Have to make a decision pretty soon.

Watched The Birds, an Alfred Hitchcock classic a couple days ago. I wasn't too impressed to be honest. It's supposed to be pretty scary but I found the attacks rather tame and the blood looked really fake. But there are some really great scenes here. Like when the birds amass at the playground behind the woman but she doesn't notice them. And the final scene is pretty amazing as well, Wonder how they got all the birds to keep still. Gonna watch Dial M for Murder tommorow, thats the other movie I borrowed.

Went to watch Mean Girls yesterday evening with D and her sis. I msged D before we met telling her she should fake a stomachache if I and her sis hit it off; meant it as a joke of course but she didn't take it too well. Note to myself: no mention of siblings in future jokes. Anyway the movie kinda sucked, I read pretty good reviews about it but it turned out to be pretty standard teenage chick flick stuff.

Baybeats starts this evening but I can't find anyone to go with so gonna give it a miss. Rock is dead it seems.

Yesterday was a sucky day for me at work. The finance department finally moved in to take over my usual work cubicle. I could feel the hate rising inside of me as I saw the lot of them trotting in and happily putting their stuff at the desks that my department used to occupy. Now I know how the Indians felt when the pilgrims took over their land.

Thursday, July 08, 2004

Gmail Backlash

Yes there have been numerous complaints recently about Google's new email service. The problem most of them have with Gmail is privacy, or rather the lack of it - Gmail has software that scans incoming messages, picks out keywords and displays ads relevant to the email message. Check out the above link for more information. Me I gone back to Yahoo mail after they increase their storage to 100MB.

Monday, July 05, 2004


Well Greece, against all odds, have won the Euro Championships. This was a team that have never won a game in any of the previous championships. A lot of football purists have derided the defensive style of football that Greece have played; Greece won their last 2 matches by defending all the way and scoring through set pieces. However, I was wondering why don't the Singapore government just follow Greece's tactics to achieve Goal 2010 (the goal being Singapore winning the Asian Cup by 2010, it used to be the World Cup until they realised 5 years later that there was no way in hell they could achieve it). This is the plan I propose.

1. Forget about strikers and creative midfielders. Concentrate on training defenders and sweepers. If the opposition can't score they can't win.
2. Train a few wingers, mainly people who can run the ball, they don't even need to cross, just as long as they can win a corner.
3. Import the tallest basketball player they can find from USA or China, give him Singapore citizenship, and get him to solely concentrate on learning how to head the ball from corners.
4. In the actual match, the Singapore team will defend all the way till the 60 something minute, when the opposition will start to tire. Then after that, get one of the wingers to run the length of the field with a ball and win a corner.
5. Immediately, substitute in the basketball player, he heads in the goal.
6. Defend till full time.
7. Repeat 4 - 6 every match until you win the cup.

Sunday, July 04, 2004


Had my first game of tennis with 3 of my friends yesterday. Man it's really much tougher than it looks on television, I spent most of my time picking up balls instead of hitting the ball with my racket. But it was a really good workout, in fact my biceps seem bigger now after all that swinging. Gonna be doing this on a regular basis in an effort to lose some weight.

Audrey came back home with me to see my sister's kid after tennis and after she left my mom asked me if that was my girlfriend. For her any gal I bring back home automatically has to my girlfriend. Then when I said no, she started saying stuff like whether if it was ok if she looked for a girl for me. My response to that is too inappropriate to post here.