Monday, June 14, 2004

Prisoner of Azkhaban

Went to watch Prisoner of Azkhaban last Friday, and surprisingly I enjoyed it. Probably because I didn't read the book, people who did generally thought that the movie was inferior to the book and that it left out a lot of details like Quidditch. Personally I think Quidditch is a pretty lame ass game - bunch of kids flying around in brooms trying to score by putting balls through hoops, but all the scores don't matter if someone gets this special ball with wings on it. But yeah back to the movie. I guess I liked it because it was unlike the first one which was way too kiddish for my tastes. And add to that the cute chicklet who is well on her way to becoming a hottie. Ok just kidding alright, im not a paedo or anything. Highly recommended. The movie I mean.

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