Tuesday, June 08, 2004

Gender Roles blow.

Went for dinner and drinks with 2 of my friends J and S yesterday, J came back from Florida 2 weeks ago and I haven't seen him in like 3 years. But it seemed like old times, not much has changed - although he did tell me I changed a lot. I think he was probably shocked that I actually talk to women now. But it was really nice to catch up with him, I will probably head down to US someday and pay him a visit. And at the same time go see Ozzfest, the metal festival that they have every summer in US.

So after spending last week in Shanghai it's back to my normal work duties. The last 2 days were a real drag I tell ya, I am already looking forward to the end of the week. Not a good sign.

Is there anyone who hasn't seen TROY yet. I wanna go see but seems like everyone I know has seen it. So if you haven't seen it let me know cos I hate going to the movies alone. Chicks get priority of cos. Speaking of TROY, a pretty funny incident at the restaurant yesterday. I was telling J how much I wanted to see Troy and he was asking me if I really liked Brad Pitt that much. And I said that I did cos he was pretty cute. And the waitress who was serving us grinned when she heard me say it. Sigh why does society frown on men admiring the looks of other men? I mean he is cute and has a really nice body, can anyone (guy or gal) disagree with that? I think not! I got gal friends complimenting other gals on their looks all the time, no one raises an eyebrow. In fact I even get kinda turned on when a gal friend tells me how hot she thinks another gal is. But yeah anyway my point is guys should be able to compliment each other on their looks. So any guy friends of mine reading this, feel free to tell me how cute you think my butt is. And I will return the compliment.

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