Monday, June 21, 2004

Euro 2004

Freaking Euro 2004. I am struggling to stay awake right now. Stayed up to watch Portugal play Spain but I concussed shortly after half time, when I woke up it was already the post-match conference. Think I need to go to bed early and wake up for the England match today.

Listening to Incubus's Make Yourself right now, cos Su highly recommended it to me. Don't really like it so far, it sounds like pretty standard nu-metal fare so far. But the riff in track 4 (she didn't give me the track list) is groovy as hell.

Watched A Simple Life 2 days ago, the new reality show where they get paris hilton and some other chick (apparently lionel ritchie's daughter) to stay with a farmer's family. Pretty ok show, the best part was at the end when the 2 women were sitting at the porch steps looking rather bored and Paris asked the farmer's young teenage son if there was anything fun that they could do. He said "I don't know". Apparently he hasn't seen Paris's infamous video.

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