Monday, June 14, 2004

Bra Size Revealed

Funny incident yesterday. I was at this women's clothing store with a friend and she was buying some exercise shorts. As we waited at the counter, the woman in front of us in the queue asked the cashier is she was entitled to a free bra because she was buying 3 as it was stated in the promotion poster. The cashier asked a salesgal to confirm and get the bra. The salesgal came back with a bra and then in front of us (and everyone in the queue) asked the woman loudly whether her size was 72A. I already get embarassed when salesgals shout out my waist size, so can only imagine how she felt. She seemed quite taken aback when the salesgal asked her.

Splurged 80 dollars at HMV yesterday as well. Bought CDs by Rage Against the Machine, Franz Ferdinand, The Icarus Line and Spin magazine. Met up with a friend who is probably the only person I know who is more passionate about music than me, she was working at HMV but she quit last week due to management issues. Kinda ironic cos I was actually contemplating working there for 6 months if I leave in August, just so I could do something that I would enjo. Work politics everywhere. But yeah she seemed pretty impressed that I bought the Icarus Line. Think I will ask her out for dinner or something soon. Hey I don't really impress that many gals alright.

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