Friday, May 21, 2004

So it is gonna be a very interesting next few weeks thanks to the little stunt I pulled at work a couple days ago. I feel like Jerry Maguire now. You know, the scene where he gets inspired and starts writing that book about ethics in the sports agent industry. And when all his colleagues read it they start cheering and clapping, commending him for being brave and saying everything that no one else dared to. But as they clap and cheer, one of the colleagues whispers to another - "I give him a week". And a week later he was let go, and was forced to leave the company with nothing but a fish and a hot secretary. I am a little nervous now, we have neither in my company.

On a positive note I am extremly proud to announce that my entry for Blogger Idol entitled "Secrets" was chosen by the Blogger Idol founder as one of his top 5 favs. I have slogged so hard on my blog entries - reading the thesarus daily for colourful words to use, combing the papers for blog worthy material etc. And it has finally paid off. Hey there is no shame in feeling validated by a stranger's endorsement so stop telling me so - you my friends are obviously just jealous of my success. Well here's something that will make you even more jealous - I am now officially in the secret elite blogging circle known as "The Secret Elite Blogging Circle". We get free passes to blogging conventions as well as other super cool events like Star Trek screenings. We have numerous intellectual discussions about blogging - like whose blog entries sucked that day and whose didn't. Yes, I finally found a group that I feel a part of.

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