Sunday, May 02, 2004

Read in the local papers a couple days ago that William Hung's debut album (and probably his last one too) sold 5,000 copies in our beloved country. They even had contests to give away autographed copies of his album. And apparently they are playing his songs on local radio as well. I just don't understand why anyone would buy 1 copy, let alone 5000. Ok yes I laughed along with the world when Hung shaked his bon bons at the audition, but I can't imagine myself listening to an entire album by the Hungster. So if you bought the album, please let me know why. Maybe it's some kind of "let's support our Chinese breathren" thing? Or do you just have really bad taste in music?

Went down to HMV and got myself a couple of CDs. The Best of the Doors and Led Zeppelin II. Yeah they had a whole bunch of CDs going for 17 dollars so I got them.
Went to watch Dawn of the Dead last Friday. Pretty crappy movie except for the beginning which was pretty scary. It was filled with the usual horror cliches: People decide its a good idea wander off alone by themselves to investigate strange noises rather than stay together in a group. And the ending was so Blair Witch.

Was supposed to go cycling with a friend yesterday but she called me in the morning.
Friend: Hey I got my period.
Me : Oh...*long pause*...congrats ?
(Ok I read somewhere that women are really proud of their menstrual cycles so I was thought i was probably expected to say something positive)
Friend: No no it means I can't go cycling.
Me : Oh ok ...why ?

Yeah ok I am not exactly well versed in the the female anatomy's bodily functions. Unfortunately you don't get that kind of information from porn movies. Maybe they should add it in, if they did I would probably be an expert by now.

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