Monday, May 31, 2004

In Shanghai!

So it has been a rather interesting time so far. While me and my colleagues went around sightseeing, I noticed another group of Chinese tourists (probably from another part of China) staring at me. After a couple of minutes (during which I felt like a piece of meat), this gal came over and asked my colleague if she and a few of her friends could take a picture with me. So here I was thinking that they probably thought I was some hot Bollywood actor and willingly obliged. Only after they left did my colleague tell me that they thought I was some African guy; they had never seen someone so dark.

Just got back from the biggest mall I have ever been to and bought 6 movie posters for only 90 RMB - that's around 18 dollars. After that went to this really run down, back alley place for dinner and I had the best dumplings I have ever eaten I probaly had 15 or so. The kitchen wasn't exactly the cleanest I have ever seen (to put it mildly) but a colleague had eaten there a few days ago without any ill effects so hopefully I have the same luck, will know by tommorow.

Oh they have the cheesiest tourist attraction here - it's a tunnel that goes across the river and it lights up with spacey lights and lasers as the train moves - you have to be there to see how cheesy it is. Anyway I got loads of pictures, will probably upload them when I get back.

For some reason I cannot access any blogspot site here - I think they might have blocked it or something. Fortunately I can still post. Will reply to your comments (if any) when I get back.

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