Thursday, May 06, 2004

I was talking to my sis on MSN yesterday night (thank god she finally discovered the wonderful world of instant messaging).
Here is part of the conversation:

Sis : Eh nick celebrating the 1 month naming ceremony of his son.this sat, wana go..around 5pm, u free?
Me : cant i going out. told u mah. u tell me so last minute.
Sis : nick only called me today la.....where you going
Me : play pool. movie. and maybe get wasted.
Sis : cannot postpone.... ?
Me : hmm wait ah let me think. choosing between going out with a hot nubile chick or watching a baby being given a name ...........hmm.
Me: ok it was a tough decision but i think I have to decline. But tell the baby I said hi.

Oh in case you are wondering why the English in the conversation has so many strange words like ah and mah it's Singlish.

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