Saturday, May 15, 2004

I noticed a colleague of mine watching the video of the Micheal Berg's beheading 2 days ago. Yesterday morning my sister asked me if I knew any links where the video was hosted cos her friend was asking for it.

And just a few minutes ago a friend was asking me if I wanted to see the video, she wanted to pass me the link to it. I told her I didn't want to, and she asked me why I wasn't curious to watch it.

My question is why would anyone wanna see something as sick as that? I mean for god's sake it's a video of a person losing his life in a horribly gruesome manner; it's extremely repulsive (at least to me). OK I'm not trying to be like some kind of moral compass here, (I'm like a huge fan of adult films) but I just can't understand why people would wanna watch it. So if you have looked for it and seen it, maybe you can tell me why you did so?

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