Monday, May 31, 2004

In Shanghai!

So it has been a rather interesting time so far. While me and my colleagues went around sightseeing, I noticed another group of Chinese tourists (probably from another part of China) staring at me. After a couple of minutes (during which I felt like a piece of meat), this gal came over and asked my colleague if she and a few of her friends could take a picture with me. So here I was thinking that they probably thought I was some hot Bollywood actor and willingly obliged. Only after they left did my colleague tell me that they thought I was some African guy; they had never seen someone so dark.

Just got back from the biggest mall I have ever been to and bought 6 movie posters for only 90 RMB - that's around 18 dollars. After that went to this really run down, back alley place for dinner and I had the best dumplings I have ever eaten I probaly had 15 or so. The kitchen wasn't exactly the cleanest I have ever seen (to put it mildly) but a colleague had eaten there a few days ago without any ill effects so hopefully I have the same luck, will know by tommorow.

Oh they have the cheesiest tourist attraction here - it's a tunnel that goes across the river and it lights up with spacey lights and lasers as the train moves - you have to be there to see how cheesy it is. Anyway I got loads of pictures, will probably upload them when I get back.

For some reason I cannot access any blogspot site here - I think they might have blocked it or something. Fortunately I can still post. Will reply to your comments (if any) when I get back.

Sunday, May 30, 2004

Off to Shanghai!

And so in a few hours I shall be off to Shanghai on a journey of adventure and self-discovery. I would like to thank everyone here who helped me when I needed help. To Y for looking hot as hell for me earlier. To everyone who made me feel like I need to leave this hellhole. Wish me luck people.

Just met this cutest sales person who recently joined one of our partner organizations and would be working with us closely in the near future. Well to be honest I am really worried for her - she seems so naive and young and cutesy that she's probably going to be eaten by the sharks she's gonna work with - sharks = salespeople. Hope she pulls through it.

p.s. Will be back on Friday afternoon.

Tuesday, May 25, 2004

Where is the love?

Morale super low now. I would rate it a 2/10. Being sexually frustrated doesn't help. Only good thing was I met a totally hot chick through friendster. Thank god for the internet, without it I would have no social life. Or sex life for that matter. Hey cybersex is considered sex alright.

The Black Eyed Peas concert is in an hour but I ain't going. Cos I couldn't find anyone to go with. Where is the love I ask ya? Cos I definitely ain't feeling it.
Will be leaving for Shanghai on Sunday morning at 8 am on SQ 772. Just in case anyone wants to see me off. Anyone at all. I don't mind. I will be there by 6:30 am.

Sunday, May 23, 2004

Speaking of taking chances, I read in the paper yesterday about a skydiving convention in Singapore that is going to held on the end of August. And apparently, anyone can participate - but for novices the price of a jump would be 500 dollars. This is something I really wanted to do for the longest time so I am really looking forward to it. Anyone wanna join me ?

Blogger Idol - Home

My entry for Blogger Idol. This week's topic is 'Home'.

I think the word "home" means a place of comfort to most people. It's a place where they feel safe, a place they can call their own.

For me that word carries a much more negative connotation. I have always felt like I never belonged here. I felt like an outsider throughout my entire school life, and now I feel the same way at the workplace. And I find it so difficult to meet people here who I can relate to here, people who share my thoughts,views and interests.

I feel like I need to get out of here really soon. A couple days ago my friend and me were discussing the possibility of going down to Australia and looking for a job there if my contract doesn't get extended in September. Think it's time for me to start taking chances in my life, at least that way, even if I fail, I can tell myself I gave it a shot.

Friday, May 21, 2004

So it is gonna be a very interesting next few weeks thanks to the little stunt I pulled at work a couple days ago. I feel like Jerry Maguire now. You know, the scene where he gets inspired and starts writing that book about ethics in the sports agent industry. And when all his colleagues read it they start cheering and clapping, commending him for being brave and saying everything that no one else dared to. But as they clap and cheer, one of the colleagues whispers to another - "I give him a week". And a week later he was let go, and was forced to leave the company with nothing but a fish and a hot secretary. I am a little nervous now, we have neither in my company.

On a positive note I am extremly proud to announce that my entry for Blogger Idol entitled "Secrets" was chosen by the Blogger Idol founder as one of his top 5 favs. I have slogged so hard on my blog entries - reading the thesarus daily for colourful words to use, combing the papers for blog worthy material etc. And it has finally paid off. Hey there is no shame in feeling validated by a stranger's endorsement so stop telling me so - you my friends are obviously just jealous of my success. Well here's something that will make you even more jealous - I am now officially in the secret elite blogging circle known as "The Secret Elite Blogging Circle". We get free passes to blogging conventions as well as other super cool events like Star Trek screenings. We have numerous intellectual discussions about blogging - like whose blog entries sucked that day and whose didn't. Yes, I finally found a group that I feel a part of.

Wednesday, May 19, 2004

Work Politics Blow Like A Cheap Hooker

I have been frustrated with work as well as work politics for a while now. Today I finally decided to do something about it. Sent out a few emails that I hope will ring some changes to the way things are run; at the very least it will bring out to the open the problems that have been escalating for quite a while now. I'm just so sick of bitching and complaining about everything - I decided it's time I finally do something about it. I'm pretty sure not everyone is gonna be happy about the fact about what I did cos its gonna stir up a lot of commotion the next few weeks but I have reached the point where diplomacy really doesn't make sense anymore. If nothing changes despite my efforts then I will have no choice but to leave.

Sunday, May 16, 2004

Auf Acshe

Song of the Day: Auf Acshe by Franz Ferdinand

Sample lyrics:
You see her, you can't touch her
You hear her, you can't hold her
You want her, you can't have her
You want to, but she won't let you

Sigh if I had a dollar for every gal I ever wanted to sing that to...well ....I would have three dollars. Well four if you count Uma Thurman; but that doesn't really count cos she was already married at that point, it was never a possibility. Anyone can tell me what Auf Acshe means ?

Saturday, May 15, 2004

I noticed a colleague of mine watching the video of the Micheal Berg's beheading 2 days ago. Yesterday morning my sister asked me if I knew any links where the video was hosted cos her friend was asking for it.

And just a few minutes ago a friend was asking me if I wanted to see the video, she wanted to pass me the link to it. I told her I didn't want to, and she asked me why I wasn't curious to watch it.

My question is why would anyone wanna see something as sick as that? I mean for god's sake it's a video of a person losing his life in a horribly gruesome manner; it's extremely repulsive (at least to me). OK I'm not trying to be like some kind of moral compass here, (I'm like a huge fan of adult films) but I just can't understand why people would wanna watch it. So if you have looked for it and seen it, maybe you can tell me why you did so?

Wednesday, May 12, 2004

It's not Britney...

OK apparently it's not Britney in that picture. And to think I was vigorously fantasising about her earlier this morning using that pic - I feel so cheap/cheated now. Damm you, you hot Britney lookalike. Damm you to hell for misleading me. Is there no honesty or morality in this world anymore ?

Ok btw this is my first post via email! New Blogger rocks!!! But I can't get the blogger comment thingy to work though.

Britney Nude?

Yes rumors have been going around that Britney did a playboy spread for 40 million dollars. Check out the link for a picture of her naked. It looks a lot like her. Yes I will readily admit that I have always wanted to see her naked; as much as I dislike the crappy pop songs that she churns out I think she's hot as hell. Well except that Toxic song which is actually kinda cool, love the way she grinded her ass on that guy's crotch in the video. I wish I was that guy's crotch.

Information taken from Fat Guy for the SKinny Guy.

It's amazing the information that you get from blogs. I bet you didn't know that the song "There She Goes" by Sixpence None the Richer is actually a cover of a song by a band called the LA's and it's about heroin addiction! The ironic thing is that the band is supposedly a christian band.

Saturday, May 08, 2004

Had a great time last night. Met the sis for dinner and to bitch about my increasingly annoying dad. After that went shopping for my mom's gift for tommorow - got her this pretty nice handbag. Well she picked it out, I just paid half the dough. Shopping for handbags doesn't really rate highly on my list of fun things to do.

After that I met a friend , we bought a couple of beers from 7-11 and hanged out at the beach to talk and stuff. Had a really good time - we just talked and talked and talked. I have always preferred quiet places compared to pubs and clubs but for some reason chicks are hesitant to go to secluded places with me. What's up with that !?
Conversation I had earlier with my friend :
Me : Hey you.
Her: (In a really low voice) hey...
Me : Eeek why your voice sounds so horrible.
Her: I got the flu. And btw guys say I'm more sexier when I have no voice.
Me : (Laughing) It's not really a compliment when guys find u sexier when you don't speak!
Her: You are an asshole. I meant when I speak really softly and low cos I lost my voice.
Me : Eh you know it does sound kinda sexy. Eh go lower for me please?
Her: Don't make me slap you later.

Yeah that's me - a real ladies man.

Friday, May 07, 2004

And so it is comfirmed, I will be going to Shanghai at the end of the month. But definitely gonna struggle there due to the language and cultural issues. Have to start learning a few key phrases now just to play it safe.

If anyone can help me out with translating the following, I would be very much grateful.

1. Sorry I am not gay.
2. How much for an hour of pleasure?
3. Hey beautiful, would you like to take a ride on the indian stallion?
4. It looks delicious but no dog meat please, I'm on a strict no pets diet.
5. Please don't hurt me, my grandmother was chinese.

Yes in case you don't know, my grandma really is...or was. RIP granny.

Thursday, May 06, 2004

Today my boss asked me how I was finding the task that I been doing (the Java coding that I am doing for another dept as a side project). I took the opportunity to tell him how much I was enjoying the work compared to the usual stuff that I was doing. And it appeared he got the (really obvious) hint - he told me that if I could find someone to take over my regular work I could concentrate on what I was doing.

So I was feeling pretty proud of myself for finally having the balls to tell him that.... until my colleague revealed to me that she had actually told him the exact same thing the day before - about how i was enjoying this distraction from my usual tasks that were boring the crap outta me. That was probably why he came up to me today and asked me about it in the first place. I thanked her later for telling him, she didn't need or have to do it. Friends like that are hard to find, well at least for me. I have known too many 'friends' who have a lot of soothing/comforting words when I am in trouble or feeling down, but that's all they offer. Words don't really mean shit to me - actions do. It's easy to say to someone you care. But taking the time and effort to show it is another thing altogether.
I was talking to my sis on MSN yesterday night (thank god she finally discovered the wonderful world of instant messaging).
Here is part of the conversation:

Sis : Eh nick celebrating the 1 month naming ceremony of his son.this sat, wana go..around 5pm, u free?
Me : cant i going out. told u mah. u tell me so last minute.
Sis : nick only called me today la.....where you going
Me : play pool. movie. and maybe get wasted.
Sis : cannot postpone.... ?
Me : hmm wait ah let me think. choosing between going out with a hot nubile chick or watching a baby being given a name ...........hmm.
Me: ok it was a tough decision but i think I have to decline. But tell the baby I said hi.

Oh in case you are wondering why the English in the conversation has so many strange words like ah and mah it's Singlish.

Wednesday, May 05, 2004

Blogger Idol 15 - Secrets

This is my secret. I been wanting to tell someone all this while. But i have always been afraid because I didn't wanna be thought of as weird or strange. Although considering the fact that most people already think that of me it shouldn't really matter. Well now I am ready to tell you my secret.

I see humorless people.

All the time. Especially at work. People who go about their lives with utter seriousness. At first I didn't believe it - it just didn't seem possible for anyone to be THAT serious all the time. I would spy on them with the corner of my eye, waiting for the first hint of a smile on their lips or a twinkle in their eyes. But it never comes. The eyes stare blankly at the computer screens without any sign of emotion. The lips remains unsmiled. And as the months go by I realise these people weren't just figments of my imagination, they really did exist.

But then one day I woke up and it dawned on me. I had become one of them.
Woohoo just found out that I do not have to go for my military reservist training on the 30th of August. Instead I am going for some Military Intelligence Course on the 29th of Nov. Well the course sounds like it would be less strenerous than the one I was supposed to go - that one went by a codename that sounded like it was going to be a pretty painful affair. Hopefully this new course is mainly classroom stuff. But then again who knows maybe 'military intelligence' could include stuff like sniffing the grass on the battlefield to estimate how long it's been since the enemy left? That would be a pretty cool skill to have too. But yeah I guess I will probably find out what's it all about when I go for it.

Monday, May 03, 2004

I love Tenacious D!! Got the self-titled CD from a friend last week and man it is really funny. So funny I couldn't help snickering at work at times, my colleagues probably figured I had gone insane or something. But the music is pretty good for a comedy album, hey if you can get Dave Grohl to drum for ya you can't be half bad. If you like the Darkness then I suggest you check this out cos it's much funnier than that album. Sample : There's this skit where Jack Black orders a meal from a fast food joint but he asked the counter guy to remove 2 nuggets from the 6 piece nuggets cos he's watching his calories. The guy gets confused (they come in 6 and 12 pieces) and he gets frustrated and tells the guy to stick the 2 nuggets "up your ass". Ok it's funnier when you hear it.

Sunday, May 02, 2004

Read in the local papers a couple days ago that William Hung's debut album (and probably his last one too) sold 5,000 copies in our beloved country. They even had contests to give away autographed copies of his album. And apparently they are playing his songs on local radio as well. I just don't understand why anyone would buy 1 copy, let alone 5000. Ok yes I laughed along with the world when Hung shaked his bon bons at the audition, but I can't imagine myself listening to an entire album by the Hungster. So if you bought the album, please let me know why. Maybe it's some kind of "let's support our Chinese breathren" thing? Or do you just have really bad taste in music?

Went down to HMV and got myself a couple of CDs. The Best of the Doors and Led Zeppelin II. Yeah they had a whole bunch of CDs going for 17 dollars so I got them.
Went to watch Dawn of the Dead last Friday. Pretty crappy movie except for the beginning which was pretty scary. It was filled with the usual horror cliches: People decide its a good idea wander off alone by themselves to investigate strange noises rather than stay together in a group. And the ending was so Blair Witch.

Was supposed to go cycling with a friend yesterday but she called me in the morning.
Friend: Hey I got my period.
Me : Oh...*long pause*...congrats ?
(Ok I read somewhere that women are really proud of their menstrual cycles so I was thought i was probably expected to say something positive)
Friend: No no it means I can't go cycling.
Me : Oh ok ...why ?

Yeah ok I am not exactly well versed in the the female anatomy's bodily functions. Unfortunately you don't get that kind of information from porn movies. Maybe they should add it in, if they did I would probably be an expert by now.