Wednesday, April 07, 2004

Yes I haven't been blogging. Blame it all on sexual frustration. It really kills your creativity I tell ya. Haven't gone out with any member of the opposite sex for the past month. My dogs have a more active social life than me right now. OK and work sucks also. Nothing gets more to me than work. I was thinking the other day about quitting my job and joining borders or HMV. I think I would be really happy in either of those places; well at least happier than I am now. But yeah thinking is one thing, have to I don't have the balls to do it. Cos I don't think its financially viable too. And mommy wouldn't be too happy about it either. I think the only way I would do it if I win a million dollars or something.

Think my blogging output is going to be minimal for the next couple of weeks. Unless there is someone out there who wants to help alleviate my sexual frustration; preferably a gal but I'm not really picky at this point in time.

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