Saturday, April 17, 2004

Went to watch Skinhead Attitude yesterday, a documentary about the history of the skinhead culture in Europe and America. It was a huge eye opener; I have always associated skinheads with Nazis but I found out yesterday that they are two totally different things. The skinhead movement has its roots in the music of ska and reggae and yes it did stand for rebellion against the government but there was no racism involved.

But then a band by the name of Skrewdriver introduced openly racist lyrics and songs to the skinhead community and it spilt the group into two different factions - racist and the anti-racist. The band started an organization called Blood and Honor to rally the racist skinheads and that was how skinheads got associated with Nazism. But some of the things that the racist skinheads say in their interviews are pretty scary. One racist skinhead in US was saying how segregation will not work because it didn't work before - so they have to get rid of non-whites by nuking them, and that this had to be done to ensure her kid grows up in a safe enviroment. Oh and she hates Muslims because she holds them responisble for 9/11. And she hates homosexuals too, because they spread disease.

All in all a very good movie which I highly recommend.

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