Tuesday, April 06, 2004

Was in a crappy mood the last 4 days or so; happens to me from time to time when I get reminded of the fact that I have a non-existent social life and minimal chick contact. But yesterday as I was pouring my soul to Bobby I realised that I don't have it so bad. At least I have 2 loving dogs who are there to listen to me when I need a listening ear. Yeah sure they might look like they are asleep 90 percent of the time but I know they are listening. Sometimes I can even see a hint of understanding in those big brown eyes. It's time like this that I realise that I am so much luckier than people who might have a active social life but they don't have any pets. They are probably envious of the huge amount of quality time i spend with them at home over the weekends. Who needs people when you have dogs!! I don't !

Was watching the America's Next Top Supermodel and Elyse's boyfriend got a chance to visit her. Man he looks like crap, my dog looks better. I was expecting some hunky cute guy but well he was the total opposite. But he seemed to be a very nice guy. Nice to know that some chicks still go for personality rather than looks. Gives me hope.

Oh and there was this local dating show which premiered yesterday called "Eye for a Guy". It was so damm boring. Ok the gal had a pretty nice rack but the guys were pretty much quite lame. Them with their bulging chests and well-toned arms and tight butts....pfffft!!!

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