Friday, April 23, 2004

System of A Down totally rocks !! I got their album Toxicity like in 2002 because Spin magazine named it their top album of 2001. But then I couldn't really got into it. It just sounded a little way too left field for me back then, it was probably the way Serj Tankian sings, totally melodic one moment then totally zany the other. But started listening to it couple weeks ago and I finally got it! Now I can't stop listening to it. I was practically headbanging and tapping my fingers playing air guitar in front of my monitor and even singing along at one point. Hey you try and NOT sing to "chop suey"!

Just watched this local movie that got some prize in this local film festival called "Running with Scissors". It was about the frontman of a band that refuses to bend to his mom's will and go to UK to study; instead he decides to go down to Kuala Lumpur and do gigs there with his band. The movie would have been decent if not for one major flaw. The band does NOT have a drummer !!

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