Wednesday, April 28, 2004

I cried for the longest time last night. Sometimes you make a promise to someone but then you totally forget about it. But by then its too late cos the trust that person had in you is gone. Well i made a promise to someone and I broke it. And now I totally lost the trust of that person and no matter what I do I know I can't have it back.

Yes I am talking about my T610. I promised it I would never drop it but it happened. I was in the bathroom relieving some of my pent-up sexual frustration when someone called. The phone was on my computer table and it vibrated the hell off the table and dropped to the floor. Now I have a big ugly dent on the side of it. And now I can't even use it anymore, the guilt is just killing me. I wanna give it to someone who can take better care of it than me - I guess I realise now that I am just not ready for this responsibility.

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