Tuesday, April 20, 2004

A friend I met couple days back told me something that really took me by surprise. She said that the first few times she met me she actually dressed more conservatively than she normally would. And she had one hand on her mace in her purse the whole time. Apparently I gave her this impression of being a desperate perv from our conversations online. Only after the second time we went out did she figure out that I was totally harmless;a little baby stallion just looking for someone to love him. But yeah it's pretty interesting, the first impression I give to some ...ok most women. I think it's a vital clue to solving the puzzle of why I get rejected by chicks as often as I am.

I actually enjoyed my workday yesterday. Why? 1 word. Java. Yes I think I have to accept the fact that it is my calling. I like it because it makes me think. I had to implement a certain feature on a webpage. So I had to think of the best way to implement it, code it and then try it out. And there's this sense of achievement when it works out exactly as planned. Of cos the more complex the feature is the more challenging it is and the greater the sense of achievement. Ok it does zero for my already non-existent social life. I was telling a chick of my above-mentioned achievement yesterday and she didn't seem too impressed. Sigh women ....

I am continuing to watch the worst dating reality show ever. Yesterday the guys all had to do this rock climbing thingy and whoever had the fastest time would get to have dinner alone with the bachelorette. Glad to know that they aren't taking useless qualities like intelligence and humor into consideration. I mean if a guy can climb a wall then that's all a gal needs to decide if he's the one (isn't it?). I was imagining what would have happened if I had joined the show, I would probably be crying my eyes out once I get 3 feet off the ground. Yes the stallion isn't too crazy about heights and walls despite the tough exterior. Hey a little gal tried to push me off the top of the stairs when i was 14 ok! Traumatised me for life.

Oh ya the bachelorette is still struggling to say anything remotely intelligent sounding despite this being the 4th episode. But she did look really really good scaling the wall though. The producers should find more excuses for her to wear skimpy clothing in my opinion. If she can't show her brains might as well show off some flesh.

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