Wednesday, April 28, 2004


Yes you probably heard about Google's new email service Gmail. I first heard about it on April 1st and I presumed it was a very lame ass April Fool prank by Google. It sounded too good to be true - 1 GB of storage space is unheard of for a free email service. Well I got myself an account recently (it was offered to Blogger users), tried it out and it was pretty nifty. The conversation feature in particular is really cool cos it groups emails and their replies together so you can keep track of what was being said in earlier emails .And you can even use keyboard shortcuts which is another nice feature.

But a very big flaw is the absence of a feature to import addresses into the contact list. It is the only thing that keeps me from using it more frequently cos it's quite a hassle adding contacts manually. I also haven't really seen how it handles spam yet. Hopefully I don't need to.
I cried for the longest time last night. Sometimes you make a promise to someone but then you totally forget about it. But by then its too late cos the trust that person had in you is gone. Well i made a promise to someone and I broke it. And now I totally lost the trust of that person and no matter what I do I know I can't have it back.

Yes I am talking about my T610. I promised it I would never drop it but it happened. I was in the bathroom relieving some of my pent-up sexual frustration when someone called. The phone was on my computer table and it vibrated the hell off the table and dropped to the floor. Now I have a big ugly dent on the side of it. And now I can't even use it anymore, the guilt is just killing me. I wanna give it to someone who can take better care of it than me - I guess I realise now that I am just not ready for this responsibility.

Monday, April 26, 2004

I just got back from watching Kill Bill Vol. 2. SLIGHT SPOILERS AHEAD - Su loved it to death, unfortunately I can't really say the same. The problem with this movie is that it didn't make me go wow like the first instalment did. And that it seemed a little too silly at times. Ok so the bride beating the crazy 88 in the shophouse in Vol. 1 was a bit far fetched, but it was nowhere near stuff in this movie like the truth serum and the 'attack' the Bride used at the end. All in all I came away pretty disappointed that it was nowhere as great as I thought it would be.

Bought Joss Stone's The Soul Sessions before the movie. Heard a lot about this 16 year old British white chick who they say would be the next Aretha. I only heard one song from the album, Fell In Love with a Boy and its pretty cool so I decided to get it. I am just so desperate for good music now, haven't heard any new stuff that just blew me away, not since Mars Volta.

Sunday, April 25, 2004

Watched this feature on MTV which showcased the "22 Greatest CDs of the last 2 decades" as voted by the fans. Most of the albums are pretty decent to be honest; I was pleasantly surprised to see Foo Fighters' The Color and the Shape in the list. However, there are also some really horrid selections like Linkin Park's Hybrid Theory at No. 10. Yes yes I know taste is relative but come on, to put that album in front of Radiohead's OK Computer and Rage Against the Machine's self- titled is nothing short of rock blasphemy. And one of the reviewers even had the nerve to proclaim that they were the first band to successfully fuse rock and hip hop together (or something to that effect). Dumbass. But the worst had to be Alanis Morissette's Jagged Little Pill as the No.1 album. If I was her I would be really embarassed.

Watched Secretary on my computer yesterday, a very funny but 'different' romantic comedy. It's about a gal who cuts herself to deal with the problems that she has at home because she gets relief from the pain. She then gets a job at this law office where the lawyer who himself is kinda weird humiliates her by making her do unreasonable tasks, but she finds pleasure in it and even encourages him on. The ending was a little too nice and neat for me but other than that I highly recommend it.

Friday, April 23, 2004

System of A Down totally rocks !! I got their album Toxicity like in 2002 because Spin magazine named it their top album of 2001. But then I couldn't really got into it. It just sounded a little way too left field for me back then, it was probably the way Serj Tankian sings, totally melodic one moment then totally zany the other. But started listening to it couple weeks ago and I finally got it! Now I can't stop listening to it. I was practically headbanging and tapping my fingers playing air guitar in front of my monitor and even singing along at one point. Hey you try and NOT sing to "chop suey"!

Just watched this local movie that got some prize in this local film festival called "Running with Scissors". It was about the frontman of a band that refuses to bend to his mom's will and go to UK to study; instead he decides to go down to Kuala Lumpur and do gigs there with his band. The movie would have been decent if not for one major flaw. The band does NOT have a drummer !!

Wednesday, April 21, 2004

Read about this gender analyzer at Gary Bibb's blog, it apparently analyzes paragraphs and tries to guess if the author is a guy or gal using some primitive algorithm. I copied all my entries since April 1st and submitted it. Here are my results:

Words: 1404
(NOTE: The genie works best on texts of more than 500 words.)

Female Score: 3117
Male Score: 2760

The Gender Genie thinks the author of this passage is: female!

Yeah you got me genie. I have always tried to deny the fact that I was actually a horny lesbian chick stuck inside a man's body. But now thanks to the Gender Genie my worst suspicions are confirmed. But what do I do about it ? It would be nice if the Genie offered advice on what to do other than just bluntly reveal your true sex. You know like maybe recommend sex change clinics or therapists or something. But I heard they are incorporating that in the next version of the analyzer. Sometimes I really can't help but marvel at the wonders of technology. Ok back to Java coding for me.

Tuesday, April 20, 2004

A friend I met couple days back told me something that really took me by surprise. She said that the first few times she met me she actually dressed more conservatively than she normally would. And she had one hand on her mace in her purse the whole time. Apparently I gave her this impression of being a desperate perv from our conversations online. Only after the second time we went out did she figure out that I was totally harmless;a little baby stallion just looking for someone to love him. But yeah it's pretty interesting, the first impression I give to some ...ok most women. I think it's a vital clue to solving the puzzle of why I get rejected by chicks as often as I am.

I actually enjoyed my workday yesterday. Why? 1 word. Java. Yes I think I have to accept the fact that it is my calling. I like it because it makes me think. I had to implement a certain feature on a webpage. So I had to think of the best way to implement it, code it and then try it out. And there's this sense of achievement when it works out exactly as planned. Of cos the more complex the feature is the more challenging it is and the greater the sense of achievement. Ok it does zero for my already non-existent social life. I was telling a chick of my above-mentioned achievement yesterday and she didn't seem too impressed. Sigh women ....

I am continuing to watch the worst dating reality show ever. Yesterday the guys all had to do this rock climbing thingy and whoever had the fastest time would get to have dinner alone with the bachelorette. Glad to know that they aren't taking useless qualities like intelligence and humor into consideration. I mean if a guy can climb a wall then that's all a gal needs to decide if he's the one (isn't it?). I was imagining what would have happened if I had joined the show, I would probably be crying my eyes out once I get 3 feet off the ground. Yes the stallion isn't too crazy about heights and walls despite the tough exterior. Hey a little gal tried to push me off the top of the stairs when i was 14 ok! Traumatised me for life.

Oh ya the bachelorette is still struggling to say anything remotely intelligent sounding despite this being the 4th episode. But she did look really really good scaling the wall though. The producers should find more excuses for her to wear skimpy clothing in my opinion. If she can't show her brains might as well show off some flesh.

Sunday, April 18, 2004

Yes I changed my template. Cos I felt like it. Scoured the net for a nice and clean template but it was surprising quite difficult to find, most of the ones I viewed were pretty elaborate with very big images embedded into the template which I didn't like. Anyway this is the best I seen so far. but still not fully satisfied with it, am probably gonna make a few changes to it in the future.

Saturday, April 17, 2004

Went to watch Skinhead Attitude yesterday, a documentary about the history of the skinhead culture in Europe and America. It was a huge eye opener; I have always associated skinheads with Nazis but I found out yesterday that they are two totally different things. The skinhead movement has its roots in the music of ska and reggae and yes it did stand for rebellion against the government but there was no racism involved.

But then a band by the name of Skrewdriver introduced openly racist lyrics and songs to the skinhead community and it spilt the group into two different factions - racist and the anti-racist. The band started an organization called Blood and Honor to rally the racist skinheads and that was how skinheads got associated with Nazism. But some of the things that the racist skinheads say in their interviews are pretty scary. One racist skinhead in US was saying how segregation will not work because it didn't work before - so they have to get rid of non-whites by nuking them, and that this had to be done to ensure her kid grows up in a safe enviroment. Oh and she hates Muslims because she holds them responisble for 9/11. And she hates homosexuals too, because they spread disease.

All in all a very good movie which I highly recommend.

Wednesday, April 07, 2004

Yes I haven't been blogging. Blame it all on sexual frustration. It really kills your creativity I tell ya. Haven't gone out with any member of the opposite sex for the past month. My dogs have a more active social life than me right now. OK and work sucks also. Nothing gets more to me than work. I was thinking the other day about quitting my job and joining borders or HMV. I think I would be really happy in either of those places; well at least happier than I am now. But yeah thinking is one thing, have to I don't have the balls to do it. Cos I don't think its financially viable too. And mommy wouldn't be too happy about it either. I think the only way I would do it if I win a million dollars or something.

Think my blogging output is going to be minimal for the next couple of weeks. Unless there is someone out there who wants to help alleviate my sexual frustration; preferably a gal but I'm not really picky at this point in time.

Tuesday, April 06, 2004

Was in a crappy mood the last 4 days or so; happens to me from time to time when I get reminded of the fact that I have a non-existent social life and minimal chick contact. But yesterday as I was pouring my soul to Bobby I realised that I don't have it so bad. At least I have 2 loving dogs who are there to listen to me when I need a listening ear. Yeah sure they might look like they are asleep 90 percent of the time but I know they are listening. Sometimes I can even see a hint of understanding in those big brown eyes. It's time like this that I realise that I am so much luckier than people who might have a active social life but they don't have any pets. They are probably envious of the huge amount of quality time i spend with them at home over the weekends. Who needs people when you have dogs!! I don't !

Was watching the America's Next Top Supermodel and Elyse's boyfriend got a chance to visit her. Man he looks like crap, my dog looks better. I was expecting some hunky cute guy but well he was the total opposite. But he seemed to be a very nice guy. Nice to know that some chicks still go for personality rather than looks. Gives me hope.

Oh and there was this local dating show which premiered yesterday called "Eye for a Guy". It was so damm boring. Ok the gal had a pretty nice rack but the guys were pretty much quite lame. Them with their bulging chests and well-toned arms and tight butts....pfffft!!!

Friday, April 02, 2004

A friend was doing a presentation in front of customers for the first time and she was understandably pretty nervous about it. I reassured her and told her I had so much confidence in her that I would bet my virginity that she wouldn't screw up.
She called me a few hours later and thanked me; apparently what i said really motivated her NOT to screw up.

Hey what are friends for right ?

Thursday, April 01, 2004

So today I said farewell to a friend of mine. Someone who really helped me through a really bad patch i was going through last year. I seriously have no idea if I would have been able to make it through all those months if he wasn't around. Ok maybe I would but I would have probably been miserable the whole time. Which I definitely was before he came.

A lot of people just don't understand who I am or what I am about, eventhough they known me for a long time. But I only known this guy for 6 months, and he totally got me. Have fun in Thailand dude, wish I could have gone with ya! And I will definitely come down to Germany and visit you some time.