Tuesday, March 16, 2004

Where It's At!

Oh was watching this new reality show on Channel 5 about the search for America's next Supermodel. If you always thought that models were dumb and totally bitchy, then this show is NOT gonna change your mind. All except one seem to be a little light above the shoulders. There was this huge argument between them and one of the gals started blabbering and refused to stop and then while she was doing that, another model started singing. And then the singing model kinda forced all of them to hold hands after which she started praying to God and asking God to take away all the hatred and jealousy etc. etc. It was really bizarre I tell ya. But the smart model is probably the hottest, she's ultra thin but there's something about her that is so sexy.

I am such a Beck fan now, Odelay is such an amazing album that I can't believe that I didn't love it before. Was listening to Antichrist Superstar by Marilyn Manson today as well but somehow it sounded kinda tired. Hate to admit it but my music tastes seem to have mellowed. But hey I still dig Rage Against the Machine !!

Bought Get Born by Jet last Sunday. The song that is played during the commercial for iPod (the rock one) is from that album. Very old school garage rock sound not unlike the White Stripes , sounds pretty good so far.

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