Monday, March 15, 2004

Went to the IT fair again. Quite happening I tell ya, way more happening than that ultra-chinese club Madam Wong the week before. If only they had this fair every week. But I didnt really like the idea of certain companies at the fair like nikon using chicks in really skimpy tops and shorts to like give away pamplets; it smacks of blatant sexism if you ask me. So NOT toxic.

I bought a Sony Discman for S$160, it was one of the lower range models without an inline remote but the sound was pretty decent and it plays MP3 CDs which was all I was looking for. I have never felt comfortable spending large amounts of money on myself when I didnt need to. Ok ya maybe I am just a really big miser. Speaking of miser I didn't leave a tip when I ate at aa restaurant where a friend was working at. But I didn't cos it just felt weird leaving her a tip at that time, I don't know why, like i would be insulting her or something. Ya sometimes I get all these weird thoughts and voices in my head. Hope she isn't bitter about that. Sorry babe!

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