Thursday, March 18, 2004

Went out with a couple of friends to this Italian restaurant called Mama Lucia at Robertson Road. The food was excellent but the servings were pretty small though, Italians must have very small appetites. There was also this guy who went around the tables and played songs on his guitar, although we didn't really want him to sing at our table cos we were having a pretty engaging conversation. But this group of ang mohs at another table started dancing and singing along to him when he played to them. Well respect to them, I would never be able to do that.

The 3 of us had a pretty engaging conversation throughout the evening. Not intellectual or arty farty, but more towards stuff like why guys find 2 gals making out such a huge turn on, which I couldn't really answer. Can anyone? Then we started about our dream jobs and stuff. My dream job would be working any job that is directly related to music, because that's my biggest passion, as anyone who had to reject mp3s or CDs of my fav bands from me endlessly would know. Maybe something like a journalist for a music magazine. But well not very practical of cos, especially in Singapore. Reality really sucks doesn't it.

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