Sunday, March 07, 2004

Was planning to go backpacking in Thailand for a week at the beginning of next month, but thanks to a sucky thing called work commitment I have to give it a miss. Which really blows cos it's something I really wanna do, mainly cos I haven't done it before. I have this urge to do new stuff lately, mainly because my life has been so monotonous late.

Planning to go to Incubus concert in KL next week if i can get someone to go with me; am not a huge fan but I desperately miss going to a rock concert and just going crazy. So far the 2 major concerts I been to (Placebo and POD) have been really amazing experiences; I totally lose myself in the music and just jumping my ass off like crazy to the music. Anyway Incubus is like one of the most fav bands of a friend of mine and she has really good music taste so they can't be half bad. So anyone interested ? Tickets (free-standing) are sold at Ticketcharge outlets for S$55 dollars a pop, in malaysia they cost RM 98 .

But I hope to see Mars Volta at least once. That would make my life complete. I am praying that they will come to Singapore or somewhere near soon. If it happens I swear God I will go back to church and sing your praises for like at least a year.

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