Saturday, March 27, 2004

There was this group of kids who used to hang out together at this playground where they meet everyday. Then one day a few of the kids all take a sharp knife and sticked it into the back of the other kid. The kid looked at the other kids in horror as the blood gushed out of his back; he had no idea why people who he thought were his friends would stab him. The kid ends up in hospital for around 2 months. He finds out that his antics in the playground didn't sit well with the other kids. He doesn't understand why they did not tell him or at least give him a kick instead of stabbing him.

When he goes back to the playground he finds the other kids there. And the kids start to embrace him, as if nothing happened. No apologies are said. He plays with them at the playground because its the only playground there. Minus the antics. And he always watches for the knife. At home he looks at the wound on his back in the mirror. It has healed somewhat, but the scar that is left is really large and ugly.

And it still hurts like hell once in a while, especially when he looks at it.

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