Saturday, March 13, 2004

Ok went to the IT fair today with a friend, crowded as hell i tell ya. I was looking to get a discman but the Sony discmans there were pretty limited in selection so I kinda gave it a pass. I will be going down tommorow as well as they have huge discounts for the goods close to closing time as they try to clear their stock. Yes I am kiasu can. Trying to save as much money as possible.

So met 2 of my friend's friends at the fair as well and we went for coffee at Tower Records, had a pretty nice time they were pretty cool/interesting people. Which is much more than what I can say for an outing with another friend and his 2 friends a couple weeks ago. Sorry dude but I was seriously trying hard not to fall asleep that time, Work is NOT a fun topic first time you meet someone.

Oh ya saw a really dumb person today. he jaywalked outside City Hall right in front of a traffic policeman wearing a neon jacket . NO prizes for guessing what happened to him.

And saw something I never saw before : Perpetual lightning storm ! There was lightning every 3 seconds I am not kidding ya, it was really freaky !! I got a little nervous to be honest.

OK hate to admit it but I love that 'Toxic' song by Britney.

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